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Has anyone had a food intolerance test (IGg levels) and how did you get on?

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dinosaurus Wed 07-Oct-09 19:01:20

I've just recieved the results for a food intolerance test done privately. Now I know that there is disagreement about the validity of the results of these tests as they measure IGg levels and some argue that these antibodies are produced simply because these are the foods we eat.

However, as somebody who as suffered chronic IBS to the point where its ruining my life, I decided to try one. The bad news is that I've been told to avoid many foods, including dairy, some fruits, grains, nuts and some vegetables. If these tests are accurate, I just can't see how I can cut out all these foods! I have been given numbers which show the levels for each separate food and cow's milk and potato come out the highest, although it does state that these numbers don't necessarily correlate to the severity of my symptoms.

Basically I would be interested if anybody has any experience of these tests, and whether people have eliminated foods as a result, and, had any success in eliminating gastrointestinal conditions. Thanks!

KnickKnacksCauldronOfHorrors Wed 07-Oct-09 21:07:29

With IGg intolerance there is a very good chance that you will only need to eliminate the foods for 3 months. In all likelihood you will not have to avoid all of the food on the list forever
Its worth doing it properly for this amount of time and then re-introducing them, one at a time (perhaps one food per week).

Your local help shop will be able to give you lots of advice and info on replacements foods to use during the 3 months.

Was it a decent/reliable test? or a random internet one?

bacon Thu 08-Oct-09 14:58:06

I'm always concerned by these tests too. I'm interested if it was done by hospital or one of those internet sites. Because if I here one more report done saying you have intolerance to wheat/dairy/tomatoes (incl potatoes because family of deadly nightshade) I think its a con. I know plenty of people who have been told that they have intol to the basic three when they have nothing.

Cant you get a private consultation through your GP? Its worth it there are bound to be loads of consultants because there is more research.

I understand your desperation and sometimes you google it for so long you come up with some mad ideas.

What about anti-depressants - there are loads of new ones out. Also councelling may help you see if there is nervous problem causing it.

rcf Wed 14-Oct-09 15:59:43

I had a problem with IBS for at least 5 years. I had one of the tests by an Asyra and it came up with yeast as a main food group please deficiency in acidophilus and a couple of low vitamins. It did the trick for me after years of going to my gp plus various medications.

fattybumbum Mon 19-Oct-09 15:11:10

I did the York test as I have mild rheumatoid arthritis. It said I was intolerant to dairy and egg white and cashew nuts. It also said I was borderline for egg yolk and yeast. By doing an elimination diet i HAD ALREADY WORKED OUT THAT EGG WAS DEFINITELY A PROBLEM (sorry for shouting!) so as far as i am concerned, it was true. I've given up everything it recommended and doubt if I will eat those foods again. It has helped my symptoms (as well as other stuff I've done) and I would recommend it to anyone.

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