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jambo1707 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:14:19

Strong title I know but advice needed badly

A friend of a friend has stated she has breast cancer BUT she says she has a lump and the outer edges of the lump is cancer and the rest not[confused]

Can this be right???

I thought that if you had a cancerous lump it was all cancer not a litle bit cancer a bit not

This person has stated b4 she had cancer of the breast but a lot of people includung myself felt again she was lying, she at the time was visiting a lady who in actual fact DOES have cancer of the breast and could loose them, and we felt she was feeding of this poor womans mis fortune.


can a lump be a wee bit cancer a bit not or wot???

Do you think she is lying too or am I being a total selfish hearless bitch???/


starlover Thu 09-Jun-05 21:15:13

hmm, well i don't know but i would have thought the same as you!
how on earth would they know that it is partly cancer and partly not?????

WigWamBam Thu 09-Jun-05 21:15:55

As far as I know, a cancerous lump is all cancerous - not just around the edges. I would be suspicious too.

jambo1707 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:19:31

I think it is totally awful that she is doing this.

Not to herself but to her kiddies and family members all for bloody attention


I get mad sorry as there is genuine woman out there loosing their boobs/life by this awful disease and a wee bitch can lie

Sorry ladies i get carried away

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