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Anyone with advice experience of daily headaches?

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reikizen Tue 06-Oct-09 12:00:35

I hope someone has some wise words here! I suffer from daily headaches which I think are caused by tension in my jaw. I have a bite guard as I grind my teeth at night, and this combined with exercise and head/shoulder massage seemed to solve the problem when I had it years ago. But not now. I have to take painkillers every day and I'm wondering if I should go to the doctors and what they might do? sad

longagegap Tue 06-Oct-09 20:50:31

Hi if your taking painkillers every day it could be that the painkillers are givin you the sore head as your body is telling you need them , it depends on what kind of painkillers you are taking , and always you need to drink plenty of water as sometimes that could be the reason , go see your doctor if you worried , i also grind my teeth at night and i know what its like

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