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Sandpapery feeling tongue and little ulcers

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MarmMummy Mon 05-Oct-09 19:48:30

Anyone else got this??!!!

Can't work out if its a random bug .... or if I'm just a bit run down

Oblique Tue 06-Oct-09 02:49:28

Mouth ulcers could be due to a B-vitamin deficiency.

MarmMummy Tue 06-Oct-09 18:09:16


Maybe a trip to Boots is in order!

OmicronPersei8yourbrain Tue 06-Oct-09 18:12:21

I've had this - I think it was viral, it feels awful, doesn't it? It clears up in a few days, but I remember sitting watching TV with my tongue hanging out like a dog. And the DC got it too - poor babies.

Eaglebird Wed 14-Oct-09 23:49:00

I had a sore tongue a few weeks ago - it felt like I'd burnt it drinking a hot drink - and lots of mouth ulcers on my tongue (I counted 18 at one point). Went to GP and she said it was due to a virus and that it would clear up within 7 to 10 days.
It took just over a week to clear up.

I still keep getting mouth ulcers though. Not 18 of them like last time, but currently got a couple on my tongue again. I take a multivitamin each day. Would it be worth taking a special B vitamin formula?

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