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Colonoscopy tomorrow quite literally, laxatives are a pain in the @rse!

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tinateaspoon Mon 05-Oct-09 14:30:21

I am fed up, I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant but I feel empty enough already after one picolax and I have two litres of Kleanprep to go. All this while looking after my youngest who has tonsilitis sad.

Why can't they just give you a colonic irrigation?

Sorry had to moan, have been sh*tting since 10am and more to come, appt not til 12 tomorrow. Actually if there are any wise people out there, as my appt is tomorrow afternoon, should I take both Kleanprep tonight or save one for the morning? I will start the first one after I have picked my eldest up from school for obvious reasons blush.

Do they put you through this so you don't care what they do to you when the time comes to bare all!? Such joy I am so looking forward to my dinner of Bovril and Jelly grin. I am sooooooo hungry already sad

FABIsInTraining Mon 05-Oct-09 14:39:13

It tastes vile so there is no way you could take one after the other. Take as directed.

tinateaspoon Mon 05-Oct-09 16:17:29

Hi Fab the directions say take up to four sachets one after the other. I have only been given two and one of Picolax hence the confusion. And you're right it does taste foul. Only five more glasses to go hmm.

I might have been a bit flippant but I am actually really quite worried by the whole thing. Not only the actual procedure but what they might find and getting through the next few hours.

FABIsInTraining Mon 05-Oct-09 17:13:35

DH had this last month.

He was sedated.

It was fine and he was fine. The GP was completely wrong with what as wrong with him.

I hope you are okay.

BonsoirAnna Mon 05-Oct-09 17:15:36

Have you been on a very low residue diet for the past 48 hours?

If not, yes, it's very unpleasant indeed...

ABetaDad Mon 05-Oct-09 17:29:21

tinateaspoon - you only think you are empty until you take the second satchet. Had it done about 3 months back. Not nice. I could have dropped a marble in my mouth and it woudl have rolled straight through in the end.

By the way, avoid getting a sore bottom from wiping by washing or using moist wipes. Vaseline is also helpful.

ellymae Mon 05-Oct-09 18:43:26

i had a colonoscopy in june (at the same appt as having an endoscopy - what joy!)and remember the picolax well! I found that I still felt I needed to keep going to the loo even though there was eventually nothing there. By the end if you are passing just clear/straw coloured water then you're there!

as to the exam itself you should be sedated which definitely helps altho I don't think I had enough as I was wide awake and watching the whole thing on the tv monitor

i think the post exam 'wind' was far more embarrassing than having the camera up my bum

good luck and it will all be over soon

tinateaspoon Mon 05-Oct-09 19:42:38

Thanks guys. Well Ellymae I think I am now there, phew.

LOL Betadad at the marble thing, yep I can see where you are coming from. I found some vaseline which did the trick.

BonsoirAnna, I have been on low residue diet from this morning, and now can eat nothing til tomorrow night. I bet I dream about food tonight, I do not do hungry very well, I do so like my food grin.

I am having a sedation and I really hope they knock me right out.

Thanks again smile what will be will be. I hope you all got the right results and that you are all fine.

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