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Coeliac and miscarriage / pregnancy

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Charliemouse500 Sun 04-Oct-09 22:56:43

Not sure quite where to post this! Was wondering if there is anyone out there with experience of Coeliac and how it might affect pregnancy. I had a MMC in March and then a very very early (tested too soon but knew I was pregnant) loss this month. Anyway, long story short I have family history of Coeliac and am waiting for specialist appointment for tests as am having symptoms that match.

Have been reading up and there is a link between Coeliac and miscarriage...I want to try and find out more before seeing the specialist so I can ask the right questions. Also am quite conscious of trying to grasp at straws for a reason behind the miscarriage, so was interested to see if anyone else has experienced this or knows anything about it.

Anyone got any advice? Thanks x

DottyDot Mon 05-Oct-09 15:17:54

Hi - mainly bumping this post for you and also saying hello - I've got Coeliac but fortunately (for me and I'm very sorry for your loss) haven't got any experience of miscarriage - I didn't realise there was a link.

Definitely make a list of questions for your specialist - although when I enquired about the link between Coeliac, Graves disease (I've got both) and Diabetes (as I was worried this was next on my disease shopping list!) I got the brush off - I think it makes them nervous when you google stuff and find bits of research - but that's not reason not to ask!

And good luck in TTC. Although I wasn't diagnosed as a Coeliac until fairly recently, I'm pretty sure I've been Coeliac for years and had a normal pregnancy - fingers crossed you will too very soon smile

Charliemouse500 Mon 05-Oct-09 17:49:10

Thanks DottyDot, for the bump and the post. I'm hoping that whoever I see is up for some questioning rather than just giving me the same old info!

Its good to hear that you had no problems in your pregnancy - I'm hoping if there is a link it's not a common one

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