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very dear friend with HORRENDOUS bad breath.......

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Numberfour Sun 04-Oct-09 15:50:37

so how do i tell him?

he has problems with alcohol addiction and trying to curb a coke problem and smokes like a chimney (yes, he knows he is a bit of a mess!)

i don't know how to tell him that he smells so bad and that his breath honestly and truly wants to make me heave.

what do i say? how do i say it? he knows he needs a dentist but is petrified so wont go. his teeth are in shocking state.

we don't see each other a lot, but when i do seem him he comes to stay at my home with me and DH and DS. i spend most of the time trying to breathe out when he is too close.....sad

help! the thing is that i don't think that there is anyone else who could tell him this.

paranoidmother Sun 04-Oct-09 16:13:42

I would take him to one side and say something along the lines of

'Did you know that your breath isn't smelling good today (don't mention past times- might get very embrassed - might not mind so much if it's only been noticed today). How about having some things in your bathroom cabinet and saying we've found the following to help when we've had bad breath and help our teeth. Start him on the path to the dentist.

Perhaps he might take the hint and say he's known about it for a while and wanted some help. If he doesn't you'll have to say to him (if he doesn't do anything about it) can he not lean in quite so close to talk.

Other than that I think you can only do it if he's on his own. Say that it might make it easier to give up all the addictions if his mouth feels a bit fresher.

Good luck

Numberfour Sun 04-Oct-09 17:15:09

that's a good idea, thanks, paranoidmother. best to make out as if it is the first time i noticed it. Dh seems to think it is more than just a dental thing it is so bad.

thanks again for the advice.

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