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sore bottom in 6yr old

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miggy Thu 22-May-03 22:30:52

Ds2 went to the toilet tonight and then shouted "help, my bottoms bleeding". I ran in but in fact there was just a tiny bit of blood on the paper. On close inspection (presume no one eating their tea now) there was a small area right by the anus- like a burst ulcer or like a nappy rash burn type thing. I put some metanium on it but have never seen or heard of this problem before- any one else had this?

Happycat Fri 23-May-03 17:39:46

It could just be a small burst blood vessel which is not serious my friends child had one but she's on her hols at the moment so i can't speak to her. I think it only happend once.Check with your h.v

robinw Sun 25-May-03 21:37:08

message withdrawn

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