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Is this hayfever ???

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nutcracker Wed 08-Jun-05 16:36:50

A coiple of weeks ago I thought I had a cold, but it's never gone, i've constantly got a runny or blocked nose and keep sneezing.

Eyes haven't really been itchy but they have been sore.

tiredemma Wed 08-Jun-05 16:39:11

yes,sounds like it. Is the top of your mouth ever itchy? (the pallet?)

Thomcat Wed 08-Jun-05 16:42:29

I heard today that if you didn't have hayfever before you'll get it this year.
Mine has been bad for over a week now, esp last few days.
lottie seems to have it now as well

nutcracker Wed 08-Jun-05 16:53:48

Erm don't think my mouth has been itchy no.

What is best to take for it if anything ??

tiredemma Wed 08-Jun-05 16:56:42

i used to have piriton but i would literally fall asleep immediatly, now i have 'Galpharm' hayfever and alergy reliewf as they are non drowsy.

lunavix Wed 08-Jun-05 17:01:28

dp was wondering if I have hayfever. It's all a bit muddled as I have had a really bad sore throat (that could be anything as ds has had tonsilitus) plus my eyes have been terribly itchy (which due to my rubbing lead to conjuntivitus ) however I'm getting bad migraines and sinus pain so I have no idea...

jampots Wed 08-Jun-05 17:05:48

Ive suffered with hayfever for about 25 years and its got steadily worse over time. However, this year no symptoms until last night which was a sneezing fit so bought some anti-histamines just in case I needed them. Havent had to take them yet but nice to know there waiting for me. I used to use benadryl but they virtually put you to sleep so have changed to Clarityn which are absolutely excellent and BOGOF in Tesco!!! £2.57 for a pack of 7

nutcracker Wed 08-Jun-05 20:30:55

Oooh thanks for that will try and get some next time i'm out.

GaylordFocker Wed 08-Jun-05 20:33:21

am a sufferer too and recommend Benadryl but would go for every 4 hour tablets as oppose to the once daily allergy tablets, which are in an orange box, as don't do any good imho.

KBear Wed 08-Jun-05 20:53:55

My DD is 6 and for the last three days has had red itchy eyes, all puffy and sore, and is sneezing constantly. No history of hayfever or allergies. I was wondering if there is a certain tree or plant at school that has triggered it as she was fine in half-term and we were at the park and the woods all the time. She has just fallen asleep in bed with cucumber on her eyes!

BTW - TOP TIP To those that buy Clarityn etc. There is always a non-brand version of these medicines that you can buy and a quarter of the price. The Galpharm ones I buy for DH are 99p and contain exactly the same ingredients as one of the branded ones, Clarityn or Zirtek or something, can't remember which. Check it out, save yourself a fortune. Galpharm is available in Boots (low down on the shelf and hard to find but they are there - they of course want you to buy the expensive ones and they are right at eye-level), Superdrug and at Savers.

HappyMumof2 Wed 08-Jun-05 21:09:40

Message withdrawn

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