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Catarrh just getting worse - constant nasal spray

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bacon Thu 01-Oct-09 21:03:43

For the past few years I have noticed that my catarrh is getting worse and on my last pregnancy I suffered with chronic pregnancy rhinitus - I was blocked and could hardly breath, quite frightening. But since giving birth 6 months again it hasnt cleared. I have gunk in my throat, my nose feels swollen and I have to keep clearing my throat. I am snorting nasal sprays that do the job but concerned that I feel nervous about going anywhere if the condition gets worse. In the night I snore, in the morning banging head, throughout the day I am congested and evening blocked up. Its really getting me down. I went to GP who said she can refer me privately to ENT specialist but is it worth it? or when I come away with you have to live with it. ANyone out there had positive treatments. GPs no longer rely on allergy tests either. Help!

almondfinger Thu 01-Oct-09 21:22:45

Of course it's worth it. You may have something like polyps that can be removed. It may be an allergy? Have you tried giving up dairy as this is very mucus forming.
Good luck, sounds horrendous.

purplepeony Fri 02-Oct-09 09:03:02

the other point is that decongestansts can actually make the problem WORSE- they encourage you to produce more mucous in the long term. I'd suggest you stop using them and try inhaling steam/eucalyptus or Frairs' Balsam short term.
My son had /has rhinitis and it was proven to be part of an overall food intolerance to dairy.

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