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Recurring UTIs in a 4yo... Any complimentary health tips?

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MyNameisJane Wed 30-Sep-09 17:46:49

My friends mum gives her dd daily probiotic drinks and I think she's going to go to a homeopath soon.

Is there anything she can get from the health food shops that could help in the interim?

ardchoile Wed 30-Sep-09 19:25:32

Have you tried cranberry juice? It is rather tart, but it can help.

And definitely get her to drink as much as you possibly can - I know that works for me!

MyNameisJane Wed 30-Sep-09 20:05:07

Thank you. I'll pass it on to my friend.

I feel so sorry for her poor little girl, it's bad enough being an adult with a UTI.

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