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Mouth Ulcers

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Marioandluigi Wed 30-Sep-09 16:47:49

Why do I keep getting them? At the moment I have three, and I seem to get rid of them and more pop up. They are really painful too

Is there anything I can do to stop getting them?

geraldinetheluckygoat Wed 30-Sep-09 16:52:54

ouch, they do really hurt, I went through a spate of getting them. I usually get them if I am stressed or really tired. Also got LOADS once when I used colgate whitening toothpaste (i think it was this make anyway), they went as soon as I stopped using it.

KurriKurri Wed 30-Sep-09 17:08:50

I had very bad mouth ulcers when i was having chemo earlier this year, tip from my doctor was to dissolve two soluble asprin in half a glass of water and use as a mouthwash/gargle (ie don't swallow) several times a day. Chemo unit also recommended fresh pineapple, the enzymes in it are supposed to help in cleansing the mouth (warning can sting on very raw skin!) HTH

dareisayit Wed 30-Sep-09 17:27:37

Do you smoke?
Do you brush your teeth regularly and floss?

Pineapple and papaya contain enzymes which reduce swelling. (After OP for example.)

dareisayit Wed 30-Sep-09 17:29:50

Also found if you don't take any milk products for a few weeks they go away.

tvaerialmagpiebin Wed 30-Sep-09 17:41:52

I suffer from these and found this site quite interesting and useful (although sadly nothing has made the damn things go away). My dentist referred me to the maxillo-facial unit at the hosp and I saw a consultant who aid thatsadly thre is not much rhyme or reason to why some people get them, and altough they can be a sign of being run-down, or vitB deficiency, there is not really any evidence to show that taking extra vitB makes any difference.

Soluble aspirin helps a bit,most over-the-counter stuff a waste of money, I have tried 'em all.

Marioandluigi Wed 30-Sep-09 18:48:57

Thnaks for your advice. I will look at that site.

I dont smoke, but I am a bit run down - quite stressed at the moment. I have some soluble asprin left over from my last pregnancy, so will give it a go. I tried that Bonjela Once and it nearly blew my head off it was so painful!

tvaerialmagpiebin Wed 30-Sep-09 19:16:11

Yes it does sting a bit! Mind you, the numbing effect is worth it, even if it is just enough to let you drop off to sleep or get you through a tricky spot.

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