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Anyone up for cutting down on the alcohol with me ? x

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fakeblondie Wed 30-Sep-09 15:44:13

Its becoming a bad habit-reach for the chopping board at 6 30 and bottle opener too !
Waste of calories and totally bad for my liver.
Anyone feel like sharing their habit and counting and cutting down with me x

jomalone Wed 30-Sep-09 19:12:40

this was me until a few weeks ago, dh always offered me a drink and I always said yes (no self restraint!). this plus the odd big night out (3-4 glasses of wine) every week or two. but the pounds were piling on and as due to an injury I can't exercise at the minute, I figured that cutting out a lot of the alcohol would make a difference.

I just stopped buying alchohol, then the temptation isn't there (that's the theory anyway!)

have been quite successful so far, bar the odd night where I've succumbed. and managing to cut down my drinking on nights with friends too, by always having a soft drink / water to hand as well

not seen any improvement in my figure yet but then I guess it's early days.

silentcatastrophe Thu 01-Oct-09 09:42:24

I know what you mean. Sometimes, I feel as though a spectacularly large gin is the only thing that will dosmile That's why we don't keep gin in the housegrin

I go through phases of drinking a lot, then phases of drinking very little. Last night, dh and I shared a bottle of beer. Sometimes, just a tiny bit of alcohol will do the trick.

I have cut down hugely over the past few years, and I think it has helped a lot, posting on here. I think a lot of us have managed to cut down considerably, or gone to AA or sought medical help or just stopped.

If it is a habit you are in of drinking in the evening, it can help to have something else to do, or something the next day which needs your full attention. A change of routine!

For my sins, I have started smoking again. I am losing my mum and I am feeling unbearably sad and confused. Alcohol under the circumstances would make things about a million times worse, so it's the nicotine which is taking the hit. Rubbish, I know.

fakeblondie Thu 01-Oct-09 11:58:14

Silent i`m sorry for you re your mum .

Some good ideas there.We trying for a baby no. 4 so thats a good reason to cut down if ever !.
I think i`ll sart going to the gym again soon as i`m over this bout of labyrithitis and i cant drink then !

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