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Automated phone message from hospital to attend for appt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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alypaly Wed 30-Sep-09 10:02:47

after having a smear and a swab 9 weeks ago...i have heard nothing from hospital or gp.
Decided to follow it up myself...last week, rang the gynae dept where it was done and they said they hadnt got the results back....AFTER 9 WEEKS...the found out they had the smear results and not the swabs.

Anyway so annoyed ,i rang the patient complaints department and they said they would look into ithmm

got an automated phone call from hospital at 7pm last night to ask me to come for an appt in a weeks time.
So sat worrying last night as i didnt know what it was about other than gynae.

Rang up this morning to find out what it was for and apparently it is for a loop diathermy not just a routine appt.yet another suspicious smear.
i wonder if this appt would have been generated if i hadnt complained about the time and would my results just have got lost by this bunch of idiots?

Good joob i rang up otherwise i would have thought it was for a routine appt.


alypaly Wed 30-Sep-09 10:15:02

anyone else experienced this????????

SugarMagrundy Wed 30-Sep-09 13:35:02

They may have sent a letter/result to your GP and it could have been sitting there, would hope not though.

I know the NHS in england has this 18 week rule from the point of referral to treatment, so maybe 9 weeks is 'normal' for this hospital.

Doesn't seem good enough, though. Sorry to hear you have to go in again.

alypaly Wed 30-Sep-09 14:06:28

thanks SM ..just been to Gp's and they havent got a letter either. How do i know the results are mine and should i go to the clinic before i have had confirmation of the results.

not having a good year so far...had my gall bladder out 12 weeks ago after alot of blundering from the same hospital. They sent me home 3 times a told me i had got irritable bowel. Beginning to wonder if i should go to another hospital.

qwertpoiuy Thu 01-Oct-09 01:27:46

Phoning you with an automated message at 7pm is appalling - what if somebody else had picked up the phone and didn't pass on the message. What about confidentiality?
Jesus, it sounds like you're just a number in all this. Thank God you complained.
Good luck.

alypaly Thu 01-Oct-09 10:19:22

the automated voice checked who i was by asking me and if i was who i was and then asked me to confirm birthday so i suppose that was ok?

looks like the appointment has been generated by my earlier complaint.

The letter which should have go to me weeks ago cam yesterday afternoon detailing my problem but funnily enuf it was dated monday which was 2 days after i complained.....what a coincidence.......
hope im not going to be another statistic of serious illness due to patient mismanagement.........

this hospital has been in the papers many years before as a poor performing hospital...looks like its well on the way to more bad publicity again.....

alypaly Sat 03-Oct-09 00:14:17

Letter arrived today which has now asked me to come for a loop diathermy..has anyone had this?

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