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Is anyone up, advice needed!?

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vicimelly Wed 08-Jun-05 02:49:26

DD suffers with constipation constantly due to her diability, and we manage it with drugs and enemas at home.
She had quite a few tummy pains today - sorry yesterday! and I gave her an enema before bed. She hasn't slept as she's gotton really bad pains now, this happens quite often as she gets cramps after an enema, but tonight has been particularly bad and she had thrown up quite a bit. She is dosed up on ibuprofen, but this doesn't seem to be touching it, and it has gotton to the point now where she's not even keeping down water. I can only assume that she was pretty badly constipated before she had the enema, but am not sure what to do now, should I stick it out and see how she is in the morning, or do I take her to hospital now?
I'm worried about dehydration, she also threw up the dioralyte sp?
Any advice?

singsong Wed 08-Jun-05 04:54:10

If you are worried please take her to the hospital now. Or phone out of hours GP/NHS direct.

Did the enema work or is she still constipated?

GRMUM Wed 08-Jun-05 05:28:29

Vicimelly, I hope by now that dd is feeling somewhat better. Otherwise I too would suggest that you go to the hospital.

vicimelly Wed 08-Jun-05 05:46:17

Thanks for the replies, I was all ready to take her to A+E , when she seemed to settle - thankfully!!! she's now kept down two lots of dioralyte, and gallons of water, so not worried about dehydration any more
The enema has worked, it always does, it just gives her bad cramps as it moves her bowels. She's still getting cramps but that I can manage!

Thanks again

GRMUM Wed 08-Jun-05 06:03:23

Thats good to hear. Hope you have managed a bit of sleep too!

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