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OK, I admit it, I'm frightened - it's too near my eye. (Warning: this is going to be way too TMI if you're needle-phobic.)

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PrettyCandles Tue 29-Sep-09 13:36:02

In a couple of hours I'm going to my GP surgery to have some skin tags removed. The one that should be most upsetting (mahoosive and on my perineum) is not worrying me - I've had that sort of ferreting about down there before. It's the one just below my eye that's worrying me. It's literally just below, pushing at my eyelashes.

And the bit that scares me is the anaesthetic. The thought of a needle over there, me trying not to see it and not to twitch. Someone please tell me how that bit of my face is going to be anaesthetised.

Or maybe I don't want to know?


No, I need to know!

PrettyCandles Tue 29-Sep-09 14:33:02


I have to go in half an hour. Gulp.

norksinmywaistband Tue 29-Sep-09 14:38:30

Shut your eye and don't worry about it, I'm sure you will be fine

miamla Tue 29-Sep-09 14:45:03

I had similar thing done (cyst removed from eye lid) and it was absolutely fine. Pick a spot on the ceiling to stare at, concentrate on nice long deep breaths and you really will be fine

PrettyCandles Tue 29-Sep-09 14:51:28

Miamla - under eye? Did you have an injection? Where?

miamla Tue 29-Sep-09 15:01:00

Cyst was on eye lid (top bit girls commonly flutter to get their own way) but the injection was underneath my eye. Curiosity killed the cat and all that but I did try and look at it. It was actually too close to focus on.

alypaly Tue 29-Sep-09 16:54:50

i had that too...a mebomian cyst,so i was told. Put my eye in clamps (like in the film Clockwork Orange)and then turned my eyelid inside out and lanced the cyst. aarrrgghh!!!!although i could see light through the green theatre robes i couldnt see much cos the anaesthetic made my eye blurred. If i had been able to see, i would probably have kicked the doc in the nuts when he came at me with the scalpel.grin

PrettyCandles Tue 29-Sep-09 18:41:49

Well, it's done. Was worse than I anticipated, but the nurse held my hands and I survived. Understand what you mean about kicking the dr, Alypaly!

But when she mentioned stitches for the downstairs tag, I crossed my legs. I couldn't help it, it was a reflex action. She's decided to refer me to a specialist.

I did try, but I guess I just wasn't the most co-operative!

At least the worst one is over.

alypaly Tue 29-Sep-09 19:09:04

well donesmile

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