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Are these "growing pains?"

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colette Thu 22-May-03 11:46:23

My 4yr old dd has been waking up with pains in her knees . We had a phase of this about a year ago , I've never been quite sure that it wasn't her way of describing that she felt ill or maybe unsettled . Sometimes it coincided with a sore tummy . Is ther such a thing as growing pains ? I don't really know if it continues if I should take her to the drs. Has anyone any experience of this ??

Bron Fri 23-May-03 08:54:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

colette Fri 23-May-03 14:40:40

Thanks Bron
Dd is small for her age also .
I have a vague memory of my mum dismissing some pain as growing pains (as if that meant it didn't hurt) I gave dd calpol - she was so distraught/hysterical ! How long did your growing pains last and how often??

Bron Fri 23-May-03 15:27:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bossanova Sat 24-May-03 01:23:40

My dd gets these pains occasionally, usually the backs of her knees or her shins. We use Arnica gel and gentle rubbing. In extreme cases we have given her Calpol. It can be very distressing for them can't it?

colette Sat 24-May-03 10:14:56

Thanks B & B for your replies
Where did you get your Boo Boo bear pilow Bron ?I don't like giving her calpol unless I have to ,so the pillow sounds an ideal "medicine" to have in.Especially as no 2 is due in a month and I want to get as much sleep as poss. now

Bron Sat 24-May-03 14:24:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

colette Sun 25-May-03 14:52:00

Thanks Bron

Nutjob Sun 25-May-03 17:57:17

My dd is 3.4 yrs and often complains of pains in her knees, do you think this could be the same thing? By the way, she is small for her age too.

efmach Sun 25-May-03 18:58:41

Your daughter might possibly be suffering a condition called Osgood-Schlatter Disease. It's not serious and usually disappears after a while. The pain in the knees is caused by inflammation at the point where the tendon that holds the kneecap is attatched to the upper tibia. It can cause alot of discomfort when running or going up and down stairs. Rest is usually the cure.
This is just a suggestion though. Hope it helps

54321 Sun 25-May-03 19:14:29

I've seen similar teddies in the chemist but they were priced a lot more than the one in the link even with postage. However, they were also bigger but don't know that for a child you need them any bigger.

colette Mon 26-May-03 14:56:33

thanks for the responses
Efmach - hopefuly it is just growing pains as it is only at night . She hasn't had it after exercise - we live in a flat 66 steps up!!
I am going to buy a teddy or something similar because it would be handy for any of the family.

Bron Mon 26-May-03 21:00:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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