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What can be wrong wtih dd?

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tammybear Tue 07-Jun-05 18:26:17

dd (2.5yrs) has been a bit grumpy past few days but i put it down to her being tired as we went to a wildlife park on friday and loads of places on sunday. but just now, last night and sunday night, the same thing has happened. she wants to go to bed between 5 and 6pm. she'll fall asleep but an hour later she'll wake up crying and she's sweating and her hair is drenched. i know shes tired as she cant keep her eyes open but she wont stop crying. its like one of those hysterical cries that you cant stop crying until someone helps you calm down. i try to give her medicene. Shes had a terrible cough that makes her almost sick so have been giving her her usual medicene for that, but I dont know what to do for her. She seems fine at nursery, staff havent said anything, but she has been very shy going in and has got upset which she hasnt done in a long time, maybe perhaps cos i had the friday off so she spent three whole days with me ? Can anyone help? Should I take her to the doctors?

TrophyWife Tue 07-Jun-05 18:35:42

my ds did this, he was finr during the day, but at bedtime aboutan hour after he had gone to sleep he woke up crying too. i found that giving him "medised" ( a cold/pain killer for kids that knocks them out) before he went to bed and after a couple of nights he was fine, so i just stopped giving him it..
i ended up putting it down to either growing pains or night terrors..

I Hope This Helps..

SenoraPostrophe Tue 07-Jun-05 19:15:47

have you taken her temp?

Sometimes children only get feverish in the afternoon - dd has been like this several times and turned out to have an ear infection (each time she was alright at nursery in the mornings).

I don't know if you remember but she was in hospital when ds was born due to a complication of an untreated ear infection: I think take her to the docs (or, if she's fine today/tomorrow afternoon, then keep an eye out for lumps behind her ear)

bandbsmum Tue 07-Jun-05 20:44:12

Sounds like night terrors. My ds used to do this at about this age. Is it the same time every night? Does she remember it in the morning? It's very scary, but my ds had no recollection of it the following morning. I've heard that if it's happens the same time every night to go up there and wake them just before it usually happens, then it should break the cycle. HTH

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