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nightowl Tue 07-Jun-05 18:03:45

not sure which topic to put this in but still. please dont laugh cus this is important to little old me!

im a really nervous person and when i get angry or scared i shake. a lot. im going to tribunal soon and i am terrified. i dont want to appear intimidated and need some tips, can i stop myself shaking?

dizzymama Tue 07-Jun-05 18:08:38

Hi nightowl, this happens to me, especially if I get angry or nervous (guess tribunal covers one if not both of those!) I tend to just watch my breathing and that makes it subside. i breathe in for a slow count of 5 then out for the same. Give it a try

swivellyscooter Tue 07-Jun-05 18:12:13

nightowl, I sometimes find when I speak to people that I blush fiercely and my voice goes all trembly especially if it's something confrontational.

I find that if I take my time and speak slowly, I get my words out much more clearly and holding a pen or something similarly small helps to stop my hands trembling.

Good luck with your tribunal btw.

whymummy Tue 07-Jun-05 18:13:22

hi nightowl,i shake a lot too when nervous,my dad has just sent me some tea from spain called tila,i don't know what is called in english or if they sell it here but i can find out or even send you some, it's supposed to calm you down,i'm going to take it when i go for my driving test

happymerryberries Tue 07-Jun-05 18:16:47

When you go into the tribunal, look at the people on the other side of the table and imagine them all on the toilet!

Honest! It works, you can't be frightened by someone if you have imagined them straining on the loo!

I always do this in interviews and it works a charm for me

Titch1 Tue 07-Jun-05 18:58:15

I do the same as happymerryberries, works for me!
But also Kalms, from chemist, (herbal remedy) works a treat when I am stressed. Also helps with sleeping, but doesn't give hangover effect of other pills ie nytol.

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