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Pins & needles/numbness/strange sensation of like little shocks in my big toe, anyone had similar?

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sleepsforwimps Mon 28-Sep-09 15:01:57

I've had these sensations in my big toe/part of my foot for the last few days. Stupidely just googled, as you do.. and as a result scared myself witless. blush

Can anyone reassure me this is not the start of something horrible...

I had an infection in my toe a while back and I don't know if coincidence, but my toe was hurting in the same place yesterday, maybe no connection but thought i'd mention it...

I also have disc degeneration in my back and suffer sciatica on and off, but in the last few days since having these strange sensations in my toe/foot I haven't really had any scaitica, although i'm having a flare up with my back pain at the moment. In the 10 years i've suffered with my back/ sciatica i've never suffered any numbness/pins and needles or shock like pain in my foot... Could it be connected? I've just read lots of other conditions this could be the start of... I know I, I know, I must stop scaring myself with google.. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow if I can get an appointment but I would appreciate any reassurance in the meantime.

juggling Thu 08-Oct-09 13:40:39

Are you a diabetic?

alypaly Thu 08-Oct-09 15:30:20

if you have problems with your discs ,normally at level L4/5...S1/2 (lower back) it can cause this pain and a numbness in big toe and next two toes.( it almost feels like a dental injection in your foot) I have the same thing, as i had a serious head-on car crash a few years ago and my discs are prolapsed...just been having bad sciatica recently too.

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