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supergranny Tue 07-Jun-05 15:22:44

My sons baby who is one month old is constantly crying, the hospital has said that he is suffering from reflux, which is heartburn. My daughter says that if a baby is suffering from heartburn they only cry after a meal and if they are laid down, but my grandson crys constantly. They have tilted his crib and pram all to no avail. The doctor has prescribed medicine to line his oesophagus, but this made him constipated as one of the side effects. We are all wondering if he should be taking this medicine as he is still crying and does not seem any better. He has now been given a laxative, which no-one is happy about. Has anyone heard about soaking prunes in boiling water for a baby of his age who is constipated.

The first week he was suffering from colic, and my daughter in law then stopped breastfeeding,he has been put on 3 different formula feeds. Has anyone been through what they and their baby are going through and has anybody got any helpful advice.

LadyPenelope Tue 07-Jun-05 15:42:05

Hi supergranny
Sounds like your son and dil are having a hard time of it ... not to mention your grandson.

I'm not an expert but my ds also has reflux. He was worst after being fed but on worst days it seemed to me that he cried all the time. I was given zantac by doctor and lots of advice about keeping baby upright after feeding etc.

In addition a GP doctor friend of mine gave me good advice which was that crying could be combination of reflux, wind and the baby getting more and more upset and unable to calm down. I used the medicine perscribed, along with infocol at every feed to help bring up wind and after a week or two, it seemed to help.

Are you happy with the doctor... is he/she a paediatician? If not, I think I'd recommend you try to get a referral.

I really sympathise... it's awful to hear a baby cry and cry and be unable to help.

Hopefully someone with more experience and knowledge will be along to help soon.

chloe1 Tue 07-Jun-05 22:34:57

I really sympathize its awful when this happens i've got three children,my youngest being 9 months.My 1st baby suffered terribly and screamed all the time and i was told it was colic and i gave her infacol but it didnt work for her and i became so exhausted i stopped breastfeeding at about 5 months just so mum could give me a night or 2 off and she just completely changed stopped screaming straight away which didnt make much sense to me cos everyone said she'd be worse on abottle but anyway my 2nd baby was fine but my latest arrival was just like my first and would scream for hours and then bring up his feeds for ages after and then at about 6 months he just stopped i do still give him infacol though otherwise he seems to get tummy ache,i'd carry on with the medicine and try to get through it things will get better,bloody hard at the time though,sorry couldn't help much but wanted you to know you're not alone x

Lucymoo Wed 15-Jun-05 23:00:58

Hello,my ds cried constantly for 14 weeks,everytime he had a feed he seemed to scream in pain.We tried every type of formula,for the first few bottles he wasnt as bad but then the crying would start again.Finally when i was just at the end of my tether the GP gave me soya formula for him and it worked a treat.All that time he had a milk intolerance,it was just a shame for him and us it wasnt picked up sooner.

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