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How bad does a prolapse have to be before they operate? TMI alert

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FredaMare Sun 27-Sep-09 17:32:42

I have a slight bladder prolapse, nothing protruding, fortunately, but at various times during my cycle I feel more uncomfortable (today for instance). Unfortunately, due to my age (mid-40s), I can't match up the discomfort with a period because I never know when I'm going to get one. I'm very diligent with the pelvic floor exercises, always have been, and am uptight that this has happened anyway!

So, actually I think I have several questions:

How bad does it have to be before they operate?
Does anyone else out there feel more uncomfortable at times?

purplepeony Sat 03-Oct-09 14:11:51

Bumping up for you.

It depends on how much it is affecting your life really. yes, your hormone levels can affect it- higher oestrogen seems to keep things tighter.

I had mine operated on at 35 after 2nd DC- I had it done privately so am not sure if or when the NHS would have stumped up if I'd joined the queue. I had several weeks of physio before the op, including electric stimulation of pelvic floor- but made no difference.

I had no obvious bulge outside anyway, but things were slack inside IYSWIM.

If it's any help, I have since read that the op can bemore successful if you are pre-menopause as your tissues have more strength and may recover quicker.

Have you been referred to a gynae for an opinion?

serenity Sat 03-Oct-09 14:21:51

Are you going to have more children? They are ime extremely reluctant to operate if you're going to get pregnant again. I was diagnosed with a bladder and rectal prolapse after I had DS1 (so 1998), I didn't get put on the list for surgery until 2004 (after I had DD and had sworn blind I wasn't having anymore) and finally had the surgery in 2005.

I didn't really have a problem with the bladder prolapse although that was the worst, it was the rectal one that gave me the most problems. FWIW though I was told in 1998 I'd need surgery, and I'd had no symptoms at all (it was picked up at the 6 week postnatal check)

FredaMare Sun 04-Oct-09 18:17:46

It's not part of my plan to have more children, no.

And I haven't been referred to a gynae,either. I went to the docs with it a few months ago, but felt quite dismissed by her. She gave me an information sheet on pelvic floor exercises. I'm intending to go back, though to a different GP. I just feel very uncomfortable at certain points over the month and don't know if the discomfort passes any thresholds.

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