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getting rid of post- C section bulge

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milkmoustache Tue 07-Jun-05 12:10:45

6 week check is tomorrow, assuming all is well, what is the best way to shed the attractive 'apron' above the scar? I'm fairly fit and have recovered well, but I need to get back into summer trousers sometime - too stingy for a new wardrobe. I have a fitness ball ready and waiting - does anyone know any good exercises to do using it?


oliveoil Tue 07-Jun-05 12:12:03

breath in. Hard.

compo Tue 07-Jun-05 12:13:06

sit ups? Pelvic floor squeezes?

YeahBut Tue 07-Jun-05 12:22:31

It's been 4 years since my c-section and my tummy "overhang" hasn't gone yet! TBH it's unlikely to because of the way the muscle tissue has healed. BTW, I'm pretty fit and am in better shape now than I was before pregnancy too so it's nothing to do with being in shape or otherwise. You've had major abdominal surgery. Don't put yourself under pressure to rid yourself of the tummy - try getting as fit as possible and see what happens.

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 12:25:14

as you've had a c-section, you must go and see a fitness trainer (maybe at gym) and they will tell you what fitness you need to do as you are still very tender and swollen as thats why your beely is big atm.. and you've only had it 6 weeks ago, be very careful or you be in agony

ive had it too and had it 8 months ago and its slowly going down, and still tender.

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 12:25:49

beely !!! - i meant belly

Leogaela Tue 07-Jun-05 12:47:11

don't do sit ups! swimming works best (front crawl)

chloe1 Tue 07-Jun-05 20:11:38

Hi i'm a personal trainer and trained postnatal instructor and i've had two c sections and had my last one 9 months ago and to be honest i just dont look at that bit!!!!!!No seriously be careful with what you do because you can really hurt yourself and you'll get doming of your abdomen and that looks even worse!!!!Check out its a class for postnatal women.

biglips Wed 08-Jun-05 11:04:13

im actually doing aquafit (aquanatal) and it really support your belly whilst doing the exercise and i love it

Kelly1978 Wed 08-Jun-05 11:15:47

I really wouldn't panic too much yet. I had a c section 11 weeks ago. Over the past month that bit has really gone down loads by doing no more than bfeeding and runnign around after twins. I still have a bit of a belly, but it doesn't overhang there like it used to when I am standing up. It does when I sit down, but I think it will always crease there because of the scar.

Leogaela Thu 09-Jun-05 11:04:00

i agree with Kelly1978. its too early ot worry about it. my belly kept shrinking for at least 2 months after the c-section. the scar doesn't look too bad and gets better all the time. belly would be a whole lot better if I didn't insist on eating chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets..... !

Have started running but find it really tiring at the moment, swimming is the best all over body toner (I never do exercise classes so can't comment on that). if I don't go for a couple of weeks I notice my belly starts to sag out again.

Definitely no lifting or sit ups etc.. for a few more months.

bubble99 Thu 09-Jun-05 20:25:13

I have one heck of an overhang and it's useful. I never need to go searching for a pen. I feel fed-up sometimes that I've got a post-twins pregnancy body and only one baby to show for it.

jambo1707 Thu 09-Jun-05 20:49:52

still have my "mummy tummy" too

want to be slim

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