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TMI alert...but do really want to know this

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whydoeshedoit Sat 26-Sep-09 06:03:23

When I gave birth over a year ago, I had an epidural and pushed for ages "like I was trying to poo" but baby was too far up to be going anywhere. As a result I pushed my rectum, etc. totally inside out and it was that end of things that was painful, not the obvious one...despite having an episiotomy and stitches. Here comes the icky bit...
Anyway...since then every time I poo I wipe as usual, seem to be clean and then realise later that I'm not. blush I do not seem to have proper incontinence but it's like my sphincter muscles just don't work properly anymore.
Is this going to get better? Is it normal? Do I go to the dr? Next time round I will not be pushing unless my body screams it at me.

whydoeshedoit Sat 26-Sep-09 06:54:15


yama Sat 26-Sep-09 07:56:04

Definitely go to the Doctor.

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