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What do they look at when requesting tube ties??

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We cant risk anymore babies, but im only 27years old. Will they let me have it done?

juneybean Sat 26-Sep-09 01:13:51

My mum had hers done at 25 after I had been born but that was 1985 ??

hmm just dotn want to go and them say no

Indith Sat 26-Sep-09 08:31:25

They should do. If you are sure and your reasons sound. It may take time, a GP may want you to come back in a few months to make sure it is a fully thought through decision, not clouded by hormones etc. My sister had hers done this year aged 27. She has no children and does not want any so for her it was taking responisible action to ensure she wouldn't get pg through contraceptive failure etc. She first started talking about it a couple of years ago. She was having treatment for endometriosis and the consultant was very supportive of her decision to have tubes tied but her did want to keep it separate from her other treatment and wouldn't do it at the same time as her endo op. After the treatment was done she was seen and everyone was happy that it was a well thought out decision, she was just as sure as when she had first asked and it was done.

not wanting to go inot too much detail, we have a v high risk of any baby born to us now, being very disabled. I just think its a risk im willing to take, we have enough to deal with as a family, and also think it would very unfair on the baby.

PacificDogwood Sat 26-Sep-09 12:40:14

You should be able to have it done although hospital consultant may want to discuss with you in detail and then ask you back after a few months "cooling off" period to allow you to reconsider if you wish.

Have you considered medium/longterm contraception that is nonetheless reversible, such as Mirena or Implanon? Just a thought smile; keeps your options open a bit longer.

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