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Breast Cancer Support Thread?

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MorphFan Fri 25-Sep-09 15:21:06

I think there is a support thread. I've just been diagnosed this week.

VerityBrulee Fri 25-Sep-09 15:25:14

Sorry, I don't know, but I'll look.

A big hug to you, this must be an awful time for you.

Breast cancer is the most treatable of all cancers, and the success rate for treatment is over 90%. Keep reminding yourself of that.

MorphFan Fri 25-Sep-09 15:32:10

Oh thanks - I guess I could do that myself, but up til now I've been more of a lurker so not sure how blush.
And thanks for the 90% - I think I might write that down and stick it somewhere prominent!

VerityBrulee Fri 25-Sep-09 15:32:34


VerityBrulee Fri 25-Sep-09 15:36:32

Just saw your other thread, I really feel for you.

I have had fibroadenomas twice, and both times my imagination ran away with me. It is very scarey, but when you actually read the facts about treatment and recovery, the reality is not as bad.

There are lots of supports out there, make sure you use them, especially with such young dc.

If you ever need to talk, I'm here.

MorphFan Fri 25-Sep-09 16:22:16

Thank you, that's very kind of you Verity - it's not really sunk in yet I don't think.
The only good thing about the children being so young is that they aren't aware of what is happening. The rest of it, of course, is pants!
Thanks for the link.

VerityBrulee Fri 25-Sep-09 20:58:29

I'm sure it will take a while for it all to sink in. Do you have family around to help with your dcs? Try and take a bit of time out and be kind to yourself.

This happened to a friend, but she had noticed the lump 2 years shock before she went to a doctor about it, she just couldn't face it. The cancer had by then spread to her lungs. We all feared the worst, but that was 3 years ago, and she is well and back at work, enjoying life. Considering yours is at such an early stage, you have every reason to assume you'll make a full recovery.

Lilyloo Fri 25-Sep-09 21:05:37

Morph hope you find the other link helpful , i have been lurking on that thread as one of my bf mum has just been diagnosed seems that they are very lovely ladies on there!

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