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jambo1707 Mon 06-Jun-05 21:49:49

Hi all

Op went well on thursday home today.

I am so bloody tired though, hubby has allowed me 30 mins playtime(lol)

No honestly after this i will sleep for scotland
I am very sore and tired but the pain i felt before the op has gone


best thing i have done, have to go to my gp to start hrt sooner than planned but that will be ok


expatinscotland Mon 06-Jun-05 21:57:05

Good for you! Pleased it went well and you are happy with the result.

LGJ Mon 06-Jun-05 22:04:56

Way to go .................

jambo1707 Tue 07-Jun-05 13:32:50

absolutly fabby dabby

started hrt today could be scary for hubby anyway.

I honestly cant believe how great i feel

Hausfrau Tue 07-Jun-05 20:27:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RnB Tue 07-Jun-05 20:29:26

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Tue 07-Jun-05 20:34:05

Really pleased for you! Well done. Now go and put your feet up! xxx

jambo1707 Thu 09-Jun-05 19:33:44


I am so sore right now.

One of twins almost fell of the chair, natural instinct to jump and catch him

Stomach well sore now, crying in pain, has been like this since it happened an hour ago.

Have took pain killers, thankfully no burst wound on the outside, my stomach feels rock hard though.

Shite make it be ok PLEASE!!!!!

morningpaper Thu 09-Jun-05 20:34:55

Aw Jambo sorry you are feeling crap - put your feet up and feel better soon. xxx

morningpaper Fri 10-Jun-05 11:01:24

How are you today Jambo?

jambo1707 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:22:52

feeling a bit better thanx morning paper

Still feeling very sore though also have a lump thing on my leg-just about foot area(ankley bit i think)

My leg is sore too, I am still wearing those "lovely" stockings though but fil and dh have frightened me saying could be blood clot

Hope not cause |I feel bloody great since this op no room for complications

morningpaper Fri 10-Jun-05 11:24:38

Oooh when you are you going to see the doc. next?

Jayzmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 11:36:22

Jambo I had my hysterectomy 15 years ago and I have never looked back. It gave me a new lease of life.(I was only 21 when I had mine!)

Make sure you keep an eye on the pain in your leg. If it starts to swell then I think you should phone GP asap. Dont want to worry you but I had a DVT 7 days after my op. Keep the stockings on and keep wiggling your toes.

Take each day slowly and in a month or so's time you will be on top of the world.

Good Luck.

jambo1707 Fri 10-Jun-05 12:01:33

Thanx all

I do feel like a brand new woman already.

Leg is a wee bitty swollen but still have the lovely stockings on

Need to make appt at docs, no need to see them yet!!¬!!!!!

jambo1707 Sat 11-Jun-05 14:09:00

Just back from hospital thisa morning

Felt quite uncomfortable from yesterday but otherwise great, was up and down through the night very sore, even going for a pee was sore

Anyway dh checked on me again around 7.30am went to loo and omg I was bleeding heavy

Was very shocked as I have no cervix,ovaries,womb so yes I did panic, called nhs24 who arranged for me to see doc asap

Tummy is swollen a bit but to be expecteed, doc sent me to hospital, thankfully the wifey that operated on me was there as its her on call weekend, she was a bit stunned to see me mind you, she has given me more antib's and painrelief, asked if I wanted to stay in hospital, but said I would rather be at home and return if needed, others need the bed space more than I do

Just had a long soak in the bath as so bloody sore as I had to be examined down there, bleeding quite heavy too,


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