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i have an ACL tear in my knee; any advise on excercise or tips

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mindermummy Tue 22-Sep-09 22:04:23

Any doctors on here to give advice???

Im not sure if to continue with the excersie classes i do??

Have been told not to have surgery and live with it.

My leg always feels like i need to stretch it, anyone else have this???


Heated Tue 22-Sep-09 22:09:00

Do you do impact sports? Had to give up running and now use a cross trainer and also sit on a table and flex using gravity and leg weights. Disclaimer: No medical expertise here! Have you been referred to a physio?

mindermummy Wed 23-Sep-09 08:03:39


Basically the doc gave me the report from the MRI i had complained of my leg aching for years...and after a blood vessle bursting at the back of my knee after an arobics class...he then sent me.

The results came back thats its ACL tare,and the doc said i can do one of 3 things....leave it and live with it and hope its getting better and never gets worse...or go have some physio..which he said he thought would not help....or surgery, which he advised not to do, as almost reconstruting your whole knee to do it!! shock

So i kind of thought to live with it!!! But it does ache most of time, so thats why i thought to start investingating whats best to do.....
I go to a legs bums and tums class on a mon, which is not too strenious...and then on the tue a real dancey arobics class..this one is quite jumpy and twisiting and mad!! But i love it!! this was the one i had a blood vessle burst from.
Then i walk to school every day with the kids. And swimming every other week.

Not sure the best thing to do with excersise, amking it feel better.

Sorry didnt mean to write sooo much!!! LOL grin

mindermummy Thu 24-Sep-09 15:54:33


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