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help please - postnatal incontinence issues

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belindarose Tue 22-Sep-09 20:19:04

I'm really upset and worried about this, so hope someone can help! My baby is five weeks old. She was delivered by ventouse with an episiotomy and 2nd degree tear. Recovery of the area has taken a while!! I had some infections which didn't help. Anyway, I'd been noticing that I need to get to the loo quickly once I feel the need to go, but just now, horror of horrors, actually pooed myself as I couldn't get there quick enough. Was holding a sleeping baby and couldn't just drop her! Sounds funny, but it's not at all.
I have my postnatal check at GP next Friday - should I try to see someone before then? I've been doing pelvic floor exercises since the birth - about 6 times a day. Am I ever going to be able to leave the house again? Help!

jalopy Wed 23-Sep-09 13:38:36

Didn't want your message to go unnoticed.

Congratualations on the new baby.

Not had experience myself of incontinence problems but I know they are very common.

Although the birth was recent, dont let this problem go on and on. I would mention it to your Gp at the check up.


belindarose Wed 23-Sep-09 15:31:12

Thanks - was even more worried when I got no replies! Made me think I really am the only one. I've made an earlier appointment to see GP as it frightened me so much yesterday. Thanks for your concern x

ThingOne Wed 23-Sep-09 17:00:01

Poor you.

Glad to hear you've already made an appointment with your GP. Don't let him/her fob you off. There's a lot of help you can get, especially if you start early on. There will probably be a dedicated service at the hospital's physio dept with relatively short waiting times. If you don't get joy from your GP, try your HV who should be familiar with this.

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