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vague message left on phone by GP and can't get through to her - freaking out a bit now...

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emeraldgirl1 Mon 21-Sep-09 18:27:14

posted already on conception board but maybe this is a more suitable place...?

Quick b/g - went to see GP last week for results of PCOS testing which had revealed high prolactin level and got her to agree to refer me to gynae. She has called today when I couldn't get to the phone and left message saying more blood test results have come in and she needs to discuss them with me...

She's not been available all afternoon and the receptionists are being nice but unhelpful - all they will tell me is that in the notes it says I need another referral. GP is calling me back tomorrow but I"m stressing about this now...I'm a neurotic hypochondriac, however hard I try not to be, and keep running over in my mind what the further test results could be. The previous tests showed normal LH/FSH and testosterone, and I'm at a loss as to what else they could have tested for that has now come back worthy of discussion... Any ideas? I had no idea they were testing for so much anyway, I thought they were only doing LH/FSH levels - could they have done tests re my thyroid, too? Or anything more sinister?

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