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Headache since Friday, what shall I take next???

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Bucharest Mon 21-Sep-09 15:28:48

Have had migraine pill (sumatryptan) this morning, which took it off a bit....but it's back now, and since Saturday have had loads of paracetomol, paracetomol and codeine and syndol....(not all at once obviously)

Unsure what, if anything to try next, or whether to just saw off my head with a blunt knife....

Had codeine 2 hrs ago, so in theory can take something else in another 2 hrs...what shall I go for??? More codeine? Or more syndol?

caykon Mon 21-Sep-09 16:28:09

Will watch with interest I have been like this since a week friday. Nothing seems to permently shift it.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 21-Sep-09 17:59:27

You should take your pulse then, phone the doctor. You shouldn't ever have a headache for that length of time. Ask for a referral to a neurologist. I think your medication needs reviewing.

3littlefrogs Mon 21-Sep-09 18:09:54

See a doctor. You need to get to the bottom of this. You may have rebound headache as a result of taking so many painkillers, in which case taking more will only make things worse. But only a proper examination by a doctor will sort it out.

Bucharest Tue 22-Sep-09 08:11:24

Thanks for replies...I think the longevity of it was probably due to shovelling down so many pills...I had 2 bog standard paracetomol and a sudafed last night,went to bed at 10 and this morning it's gone....I was also terribly constipated (tmi, sorry!) which has also resolved itself...maybe it was that?
Caykon, hope you're feeling better too!

3littlefrogs Tue 22-Sep-09 08:44:40

Try increasing your intake of water - at least 5 glasses a day for a couple of weeks, as well as your other drinks. If you were very constipated you are probably dehydrated and that causes awful headaches.

noddyholder Tue 22-Sep-09 08:47:22

codeine makes you constipated and causes rebound headaches!Glad you feel better headaches are miserable when they hang around

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