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ADVICE PLEASE Large lump removed and told it is endometriosis, What can I expect?

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 20-Sep-09 22:22:45

Had a large lump removed from my groin on 2nd Sept. Surgery was more than I expected as by the time i went in the lump had grown considerably. Left with a nice long scar that sits with my two prev section scars.

The histology letter came the other day saying that the lump conisisted of fatty tissue,fibrious tissue and womb cells. The consultant said they were probably transfered when they did section in Dec 2007 and this is called endometriosis.

My periods are the same as ever,every 28 days and 4-5 days long. Not irregular bleeding. But I have been feeling very tired,sore and depressed for some time.

I am a bit confused what this all meams. As anyone got any advice? Im 42 and have a family already. The consultant has refered me to a gynaecologist but I am a wee bit worried especially as the lump grew very quickly and wonder if this can happen again?

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