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orthodontic treatment - when does it start?

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robinw Tue 20-May-03 21:55:38

message withdrawn

helenmc Tue 20-May-03 22:46:34

funnily we've just been to the dentist today!, my dds front tooth has come down at angle but he says it will sort themselves out. As to space, my family have a small jaw and I ended up having 4 teeth out, but apparantly now days they don;t take out teeth and I guess they stretch the jaw which works more quickly. and they do that about 16. Is Jasper a dentist ??? I'm sure some-one will have better answers than me, cos I'm interested as well. By the way my dd is just 9.

mears Wed 21-May-03 00:10:12

Jasper is on holiday this week so won't be able to pick this up.
My ds has been referred for orthodontic work, but after initial assessment we have been told that there is a waiting list of a year. He is 13 years old. Jasper has told me that is not a problem because his jaw is still growing and therefore there will be more space for his teeth when his work does start.
There is no upper age limit for treatment to start really. Tom Cruise only recently had his crooked teeth corrected - didn't do him any harm

suedonim Wed 21-May-03 03:15:30

Two of mine have had 'train track' braces and the work started when they were about 12 or 13. In their cases, the timing was connected with the jaw growing, waiting for baby teeth to fall out and for permanent teeth to erupt. HTH.

robinw Wed 21-May-03 06:46:05

message withdrawn

maryz Wed 21-May-03 19:49:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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