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Have found a lump - anyone have any experience?

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ConnieComplaint Sun 20-Sep-09 19:25:48

I found a lump in my breast a fortnight ago on a Monday morning.

Had a doc appointment by Tue afternoon. She said it measured about 1.5cm by 1.5cm and that to come back in two weeks to see if it's still there or had changed any.

At the time I had a bruise on my breast too, from playing rough with ds (5). I suggested to the doc that perhaps the lump was connected to the bruise so she said if we waited two weeks, if it was consistent with bruising it would have went away but if it was still there she would refer me to the breast clinic.

It will be two weeks on Tuesday coming & I have another doc appointment.

The lump is still there & much much easier to feel, in fact if I run my hand over my breast I can feel the bump. I'm not 'worrying' as such - I know it could be a cyst or something, but you know what it's like...... you can't help but think the worst and hope for the best all at the one time.

I haven't told any of my sisters (I have four of them) 'cos I don't want to worry them but I sort of feel all wound up.

Has anyone had any experience of this type of thing & what happened next?

sarah293 Sun 20-Sep-09 19:31:51

Message withdrawn

littlerach Sun 20-Sep-09 19:35:16

I was referred to breats clinci back in April after the GP found one.

I had ot go back to GP after 2 weeeks, she could still feel it, so I was referred.

I only waited a week, was v quick.

At the clinci I saw a consulatnt, he had a feel and was v confident it was just lumpy breasts grin
I was all prepared to have ultra sound but didn't need it.

I think that the statistics are v good usually; 9 out of 10 are cysts.

But it is a really worrying time, I know sad

purepurple Sun 20-Sep-09 19:38:26

Hi Connie,
I found a lump nearly 2 weeks ago.
I went to the docs on Monday morning and he referred me straight to the hospital.
The hospital rang that evening and i went in the next morning.
I was supposed to have a mammogram and a scan and a needle test.
The mammogram machine was out of order, so I just had the needle test, which was uncomfortable.
The doc took some fliud and said that it looked like it was an infection as he could see pus.
I went for the mammogram last Wednesday and was told that I would hear from the consultant within a week.
My GP and the consultant have both said that the lump is smooth and is probably nothing to worry about.
I can't help feeling worried though, and have now caught a cold as I am feeling stressed ( I never normally get colds)
The worst bit is just waiting and not knowing.
I haven't said anything to my DC as I don't want to worry them.
I know exactly how you are feeling, trying to put it to the back of my mind and trying to carry on.
DH hasn't said much, but I can tell he is worried too.
Let me know how you get on in your appointment.

ConnieComplaint Sun 20-Sep-09 19:53:26

Purple - sorry you're going through the same as me, it's a worrying time.

Riven - what have you heard about Mammograms? Do they tend to spread if there's something there? I haven't heard that before.

Littlerach - I would be prone to lumpy breasts too. A good number of years ago I went to my doc with a lump, nothing like this I have now, and he referred me to the clinic right away.

I didn't need a mammogram or needle test or anything as soon as the consultant felt my breast he was confident I just had lumpy tissue.

Purple - Dh is worried too. He hadn't said anything until today and though he keeps telling me it'll be OK, even he can argue with the face that 4 of my aunts have had cancer & it claimed two of their lives.

Plus, work are bastards about having time off for appointments. I am stressed about that too, because the boss was quite sharp with me last week when I had the appointment and when I told him on Thursday I have an appointment on Tuesday he wasn't happy - I have to work two dinner times to make the time up.... so if it comes to hospital appointments etc I'm going to get in shit.

purepurple Sun 20-Sep-09 19:58:00

Connie, that's not good about work. Your health is more important. Is there anyone you can talk to about having to take time off?
I am lucky, work have been great. I work in a nursery and we have to maintain ratios, but the managers have stood in for me when I have had to take time off at short notice. They are not making me make up the time either. Which is good.

littlerach Sun 20-Sep-09 20:47:31

I was lucky too, as work were v understanding (though I didn't tell them any details until after it was all over)

Dh was v upbeat an dpositive until the consutant said it was all fine, then he just looked so relieved smile Irealised how worried he'd been too.

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