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big collection of problems, I need some help, constant pins & needles in arms, dizzy spells, terrible asthma, constant migraine, exhaustion and so on

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hereidrawtheline Sat 19-Sep-09 14:47:34

I am really feeling like an invalid

I just can not do anything like a normal day anymore and havent been able to for as long as I can remember. My house is literally disgusting I am so embarrassed by it, I just have not been able to keep it clean because I am always sick. My body has always been generally low, I've had pneumonia twice and swine flu. I have asthma which has been horrendous since the last time I had pneumonia. I have always had terrible (daily) migraines with really excruciating ones a couple of times a month. Now I have constant pins and needles in both arms and I feel so dizzy and tired all the time. It starts just under my shoulders and goes right down to my finger tips, the feeling getting stronger the lower it gets.

I take topimirate for the migraines, maxalt acutely, brown and blue inhalers for asthma and that is it.

It is getting to the point where I actually feel like an invalid. I cant reliably read a book to DS aloud without having to break for my inhaler halfway through. I work 4 nights a week, 4 hours a night and I find the hours before I go are filled with dread because I just want to collapse in bed after what has already been a full day. I write and am working on a book and am ok to sit in bed and write, mentally I have plenty of energy. This constant feeling in my arms is driving me crazy. I can not believe how messy my house is and I am just too tired or in pain to clean it when I am at home, I am always either in bed or caring for DS.

I was even considering applying for DLA because I have been like this for so long, been seeing a neurologist for a very long time etc it isnt a passing thing and I feel, honestly sometimes I feel like I am just going to have a stroke and die. I feel I am over doing it and I have no way out because we need my income for food.

What do I do?

sarah293 Sat 19-Sep-09 14:51:42

Message withdrawn

hereidrawtheline Sat 19-Sep-09 14:57:24

Riven my migraines are so bad they are making my life impossible to live so the topirimate was a gamble really. This is only week 3 of it.

deepbreath Sat 19-Sep-09 17:37:01

Have you been checked for M.E. or any of the other post-viral type illnesses? They can be nasty and linger on for ages after you've had the original virus. Of course, having constant migraines would leave you with the hung over feeling too.

You can claim DLA even if you're working. If you are off sick, you may be able to claim the new version of Incapacity Benefit (sorry, they've called it something new and I can't remember!) You don't have to be at home forever, but it sounds like you need some time to get to the bottom of why you're feeling so unwell.

nellie12 Sat 19-Sep-09 17:44:12

quick post as baby bein fed. your asthma needs sorting pronto. it doesn't sound as though inhalrs are keeping it under control. ?need oral steroids too. also ?remnants of chest infection with pains you describe and a fbc as you sond anaemic also as riven says a bit b12 deficient. You need to get to gp on monday and tell them what is in your post. oh and go sick for a couple of weeks to recover if poss. hope you better soon

tiredsville Sat 19-Sep-09 22:44:27

I have had in the past a horrible time with chronic fatigue, so I really appreciate what a horrible time you are having trying to battle through the day.
But really, your preventative inhalers are not doing the job so you will most definitely need to switch to another, and not necessarily the dreaded oral steroids.
I remember a few years ago when I was on the blue and brown inhalers wandering around breathless thinking it was the norm to be unable to read out loud without taking deep breathes in between in order to continue, it was only when I got yet another nasty chest infection did I discover there were plenty more effective preventative inhalers available.
The doctor prescribed me Symbicort and since then I haven't looked back, there are also others which are the next step up from the blue and brown such as Advair.
When you are next at the doctors, mention that your asthma has been out of control for some time and maybe ask about Symbicort.
Maybe your fatigue is from the inability to breathe properly?

hereidrawtheline Sat 19-Sep-09 22:56:14

thank you all for the advice. I have big avoidance issues with doctors, as in, I tend to go when I am so ill they cart me out in an ambulance (hence, pneumonia) but I will buck up and go on Monday about all of this. I dont feel like they listen to me ever. I cant go off sick from work because I dont get sick pay and we need my money for essentials. I could really do with slowing down a bit though that is for sure. I wish I could apply for some sort of emergency DLA but it takes ages to get doesnt it?

chachalepew Sat 19-Sep-09 22:58:45

As well as getting your inhalers checked, ask for tests for thyroid and anemia.

LeonieSoSleepy Sat 19-Sep-09 23:07:48

Message withdrawn

piprabbit Sat 19-Sep-09 23:14:24

Hello hereidrawtheline, I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so ill and exhausted.

I think it might be worthwhile talking to your doctor about Lupus, as some of your symptoms tie in with Lupus (although it can present in myriad different ways, so hard to be sure). I'm thinking particularly of your migraines, chronic fatigue and muscle pain in limbs. Also the impact of Lupus on your immune system could account for your vulnerability to pneumonia and other illnesses.
Lupus seems to particularly affect women of child-bearing age, and often goes un-diagnosed as it can be a slippery bugger to pin down.

Take a look at the Lupus UK website for more information.

I was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago, and it kind of crept up on me, until I realised I was crawling upstairs on my hands and knees at the age of 28 and that there must be something bigger affecting me than I had realised.

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 01:35:33

Do you think if I went in to my intimidating GP with a short piece of paper with just a list of like 5 or 6 symptoms written on it and clearly referenced it I would look mad? The reason I ask is when I get nervous (doctors make me very very nervous) I waffle and stumble and splutter and never say things confidently. I truly dread seeing the GP. My neurologist, I love. I even dress up for that occasion he is fab but GP's scare the shit out of me.

SofiaAmes Sun 20-Sep-09 01:38:21

I know this sounds crazy, but you might want to consider going on the pill, if you aren't....sounds like a shortage of estrogen to me.

nellie12 Sun 20-Sep-09 10:21:55

definitely go in with a list, he should be used to it. I have to do the same thing when I turn up as I usually have a few things by the time I go.

Mind you by the time you've gasped your way through it he should have clicked onto your asthma wink

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 13:19:31

I am on the mini pill... well no I am not! I will be on the first day of my next period! LOL I cant be on loads of different estrogen pills as its dangerous for women who have migraine with aura, can cause strokes.

Well this morning I woke with numb toes ahhhh how nice. They arent numb anymore though but it did irritate me. Then I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, nearly fainted and in a total sweat had to sit down on the sofa while DH made me tea and opened a window for me. SO bloody annoying when you want to do so much! I am breaking for tea and pricing candle making stuff for xmas then will tidy some more because I am convinced the state of our house is making me more ill (it has gone downhill since I got swine flu)

nellie I love the idea of me gasping and passing out by the end of my list "oh and yes my asthma is rather bothering me..."

MadHairDay Sun 20-Sep-09 13:40:20

You definitely need more help, what you are living with day to day sounds really hard going, it does sound like you're not fit for work atm, I would look into applying for IB and going off sick. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing, just until you regain some strength possibly - could your neurologist write you a letter of support? DLA might be an option too - remember to fill it in as on a bad day, and also get supporting letters if need be. I would second what pps said about the asthma treatment; sounds like it's not enough, and more or different inhalers along wiht steroids may be the answer. Are the chest infections definitely clear now? May be worth looking into the possibility of something still lurking in there and perhaps needing more antibiotic treatment. All in all you sound so run down. I would take a list into the gp and work through it, have it all written down, I do know what you mean about gps being a bit scary sometimes and not feeling like you've got everything out you wanted to. I've lived with chronic disease for years and still sometimes feel a little dwarfed and then v frustrated.
Please do something though, you can't go on like this. all the best.

hereidrawtheline Sun 20-Sep-09 13:45:44

I will do something - I must admit one reason I am hesitating about IB & DLA is that we are looking in to adopting and so I am trying to force myself to be well and not appear weak or ill suited to be give another child. I know that is the wrong way of looking at things, I do see that sense but I so badly want a child (I mean a second one!) that I am afraid I will jeopardise it if I write it down somewhere what I cant do on say, my worst day, they may say, well then how can you have another child? Whereas I would insist on getting better asap.

magso Mon 21-Sep-09 12:29:46

Hope you have been to see your gp with your list of symptons! (kindly push from Magso)
It sounds like your body is telling you it needs you to slow down for a little while to get better.
I know what you mean about not wanting to document health troubles but perhaps it is important to show you can manage your health and look after yourself. I know people who have adopted with cronic but well managed health concerns so do not let that stop you seeing your doctor.

hereidrawtheline Mon 21-Sep-09 12:51:47

I havent forgotten in fact I thought of this thread just now - DS had a CAHMS appointment this morning and is now napping so I am in bed and going to sleep now too while I can! I promise I'll make an appointment though, will phone up this afternoon

alypaly Mon 21-Sep-09 14:02:55

pins and needles in both arms can be caued by anxiety attacks which make you breathe less deeply and affect blood flow down arms and hands.
Do you manage to sleep.

also any damage to spine can also affect arms and hands with P and N too.

You can get an ME or chronic fatigue type illness after pneumonia or any nasty viral illness and it can take a long time to get over it

hereidrawtheline Thu 24-Sep-09 15:39:42

just wanted to let you know my GP is on annual leave (for about the thousandth time this year) but I am booked in next Friday (a week from tomorrow)

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 25-Sep-09 09:43:04

could it be pernicious anaemia? (b12 deficiency) sounds like it to me-have a google and see what you think.

sabire Fri 25-Sep-09 09:59:16

I spent last year and the first part of this year feeling very ill and desperate with liver symptoms, fatigue, nausea and brain fog. My white cell count, was (and still is) low. I got very, very depressed with the constant struggle to keep going with a ridiculously busy life while feeling so unwell. My GP started me on anti-depressants and I 'wound in' everything that was non-essential in my life. I stopped fighting my feelings of unwellness, took a break from an academic course I was doing, and gave up on the idea of full-time work. 12 weeks on I am feeling so much better. I think I just needed to give my body time to recover.

I wish you could take some time for yourself, as it sounds like you are running yourself into the ground. I hope you don't mind me saying this but I wonder if this is the right time for you to be trying to adopt, if your personal resources are so low (I mean your energy, not your finances!)? You really cannot provide good care for a another child if you are struggling to keep body and soul together with the responsibilities you have now. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I strongly believe that being permanently exhausted makes parenting a particular struggle. We're not superhuman!

hereidrawtheline Fri 25-Sep-09 12:51:55

running myself into the ground is exactly what I am doing. In addition to the normal mother stuff, working part time in the evenings and failing miserably at housework I'm also trying to get my career as a writer going. I am burning the candle at every possible end.

I'll say sabire, I very reluctantly agree with you that while I am so unwell it would not be wise to have another child. I hate that more than words can say. I think for as long as I can remember I have been in major denial about how bad I feel (physically) and have been working bloody hard to maintain a very together front and not admit how I really feel. I mean I can sometimes get through a short social function or 4 hrs at work without terribly obvious signs of illness but by the time I get home I am white and like a drunk person with slurred speech and pass out in bed. I just cant do it anymore. I truly feel packed up. I've just hired a lovely cleaner. I've sent off my book submission so will agonise over that a bit less now and time will tell. I am desperate for another child (to adopt) but it would be terribly unfair on both children if I had a second when I cant even run after DS.

The Pern. anemia looks fairly spot on! Will read up more about it when DS is in bed.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 25-Sep-09 13:10:18

the good thing is if it IS that, it DOES make you feel absolutely dreadful but there is a massive improvement with the B12 injections.

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