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Broken collar bone.

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Fluffypoms Fri 18-Sep-09 22:02:50

About 10ys ago i broke my collar bone twice in 6 weeks.
DR said prob would require surgery but would have to wait and see how the bone set as i was under 18.

well since then i have sufferd alot of pain with it and trapped nerves, was referred to physio (weekly). But with 4 kids 5,3,2,1.
Not so easy getting to physio.
so i have since gave that up. But lots of pain again,so do you think GP would refer me to see othapedic surgeon if i asked?

Fluffypoms Sat 19-Sep-09 01:29:54


PixieOnaLeaf Sat 19-Sep-09 10:22:41

Message withdrawn

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