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Tender eyeballs(!) Any eye specialists/opticians around?

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honeybunns Fri 18-Sep-09 13:16:54

Am waking up with tender eyeballs in the morning. It's not painful, just uncomfortable to move and open my eyes. It wears off throughout the day.

Have had my eyes tested and they are fine but have been told I have some irritation on the cornea which needs to be checked out.

It's driving me mad because moving my eyes around in the morning gives me a splitting headache.

Any ideas?? Am freaking out I have a brain tumor...

honeybunns Fri 18-Sep-09 18:11:49


Karoleann Mon 21-Sep-09 22:10:51

Its probably just dryness. Get some lacrilube from the chemist and instill that just before going to bed (it makes your vision a bit blurry temporarily). On awakening instill some less viscous dry eye preparation such as systane or hypromellose. If you get any stinging on instillation stop using them.
You can get dryness secondary to a bad cold or virus, or it may be that you have a mild viral infection in the eye. If no better within a couple of days go and get it checked out again.
(I'm an Optometrist)

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