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Is it safe for a pg woman to be around a baby newly vaccinated...

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victoriascrumptious Wed 16-Sep-09 17:47:58

...with the MMR injection? My childminder is in her first trimester and my dd has had her MMR today. Is it safe for me to take dd to the chidminders tommmorow?

Seona1973 Wed 16-Sep-09 19:50:10

according to the immunisations website any side effects relating to the MMR are not transmittable to others. This is the answer to a question about measles rash after the MMR:

Post-immunisation symptoms are not infectious and therefore the child will not be infectious to non-immunised children.

A child who develops a measles type reaction following MMR is not infectious to other unimmunisation individuals. This is because the vaccine virus has been attenuated (i.e. weakened) so that it cannot cause the actual disease.

Similarly a very few children may develop a mild form of mumps about 3 weeks after the immunisation as the mumps part of the vaccine kicks in, these children are also not infectious.

mathanxiety Thu 17-Sep-09 16:44:41

I think if I were a childminder it would be very advisable to have all my vacs and boosters up to date.

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