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Red Bottie Baby maybe TMI

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Saacsmum Fri 03-Jun-05 22:59:35

OK I warned you it would be too much info but here boy has a tendency to goes days without doing poohs and then dropping a mega bomb. They are not hard but they are huge! This morning he was really upset and as he had been about a week since his last pooh I figured that was the issue and it was. Poor wee mite had such a big pooh he has a tear from his anus almost to his balls gave his bottom lots of air time this morning and covered in vitamin e to help him repair. Should I treat this as though it is constipation even though they arent hard and give him brown sugar or prune juice every few days or should I increase his fibre (suggestions welcome, he doesnt have wheat or gluten yet, and has allergies to stone fruits, milk products, soy and possibly bananas). How can I help my poor little red bottie boy? He is 8mths old by the way.

hunkermunker Fri 03-Jun-05 23:01:45

Personally, I'd take him to the doctor - there might be an underlying problem as even a big poo shouldn't make him tear, I don't think. Someone may well come along and tell me I'm wrong, mind you!

Poor little boy - that must've been sore! And poor you - you must've been v worried.

spod Fri 03-Jun-05 23:03:11

Message deleted

Puff Fri 03-Jun-05 23:04:28

definitely take him to the doctor's.

Flossam Fri 03-Jun-05 23:07:56

He needs to be seen. From what you described that sounds awful. IMO, his bowel movements need to be better controlled. Infrequent bowel movements are fine on their own, but not if they are causing physical damage. Poor little thing, not surprised he was upset.

tiffini Fri 03-Jun-05 23:12:08

2 of my neices have a bowel condition (not sure of the name)and have to take medication.
The symptoms sound just like you discribed. My eldest neice is 13 and suffers alot of pain from this and blocks the toilet each time she goes due to the size of her poos.

Saacsmum Fri 03-Jun-05 23:18:08

Ok I should add here that he was born with a bowel disorder but it is only since starting on solids that he had been irregular and the size of the poohs has increased. Rang dr and they said it sounded like a fissure and was quite common and to keep and eye on him! Some help they are!

LeahE Fri 03-Jun-05 23:18:49

Take him to the doctor. It sounds like something that ought to be checked out.

Flossam Fri 03-Jun-05 23:21:28

Take him in on Monday. In the meantime, try and make sure the area remains clean and dry. If it is really ripped I wouldn't put sudocream or similar on. No nappy time is a good idea. How big in centimetres would you say the tear is?

Saacsmum Fri 03-Jun-05 23:27:42

It is about 1cm long and very thin, would like to give him a bath to make sure no poohs got in, it that a good idea or should I not get him too wet?

Flossam Sat 04-Jun-05 07:56:18

Give him a salt bath, or a savlon one if you have any in the house. Keep a close eye on it. If it gets redder or raised go to GP's.

tiffini Sat 04-Jun-05 09:11:39

use cooking salt, not table salt, it wont sting then, but will clean the area.

Saacsmum Sat 04-Jun-05 09:13:18

Hi, thanks for that, I gave him a salt bath b4 you answered and then let him have his nappy off until bed time (luckily he is not mobile!). It was looking red but no worse and he didnt seem to mind being in the bath or having it gently dried, may wake him up 1/2 way through the nite if he doesnt wake himself and change him so he doesnt get it irritated by urine. THanks for all the advice.

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