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zoladex implants can you lose the weight?

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sugarpear Mon 14-Sep-09 14:20:09

Hi ladies i have endometriosis and after nearly 2 years the docs have agreed to operate to remove as it seems to all be in my ceasarean scarring.

I was on zoladex implants for about 9 months. Last implant was 1/5/09 and i still dont have any periods? Is that normal doc just say it takes longer for some than others to get periods back.

But mainly do you ever lose the weight again? I was a size 14 before i started now im struggling with size 18's and i hate it. I know my body thinks its in the menopause but will that wear off? I hate the thought of being this uncomfortable in my own skin. I dont eat lots my diet is fab as i have ibs so i watch the amount of wheat and dairy i have 9basicaly very rare treats).


shelleylou Tue 15-Sep-09 11:40:43

Hi, I had zoladex when i was 19 for 9 months for endo treatment. Im not the best one to advise on returning of periods after it. I had my last injection on 19/12/05 and concieved 2 months later although periods hadnt restarted.

I didnt really put on weight through treatment but did manage to lose loads after. Was bout 2 years after my final implant due to ds myself

sugarpear Tue 15-Sep-09 14:19:45

Hi shelley thanks for the responce. Im not fussed if periods never return, i hate them and my family is complete. Its more the weight loss im concerned about although by the size of the cyst growing in me i think this may weigh a fair amount ( she says hopefully).

I guess its a wait and see after the op.

Thanks again.

shelleylou Tue 15-Sep-09 16:37:35

Best just to be aware that pregnancy can still happen even though they havent returned. Hope the op and weightloss go well for you

sugarpear Thu 17-Sep-09 17:25:42

Pregnancy is not an issue as ive been sterilised too. tahnks tho

shelleylou Sat 19-Sep-09 12:58:47

That ok then, just thought i would mention it as i know first hand it can happen

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