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Smaller vagina after childbirth - anyone else!?

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ethicsgirl Mon 14-Sep-09 12:04:09

The opposite of what I expected but equally difficult. It's now nearly a year after I gave birth and I still find sex quite painful. My GP said she could tell I was definitely "smaller than I'd ever been before" down there. It feels very small and tight. I did have a lot of stitches, quite bad second degree tears. Sorry if this TMI, I tried to see if I could stretch a bit with vibrator but it's too painful to insert. I have had sex a few times with DH but it does hurt quite a lot when it first goes in, which is not helping us resume an active sex life. Any tips? Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone used Replens, adn does it help? How on earth will I ever give birth again?

Sounds like you were stitched up too tight! I would ask for a referral to the hospital to have it looked at. I know when I was getting stitched for my second degree tear she had to take one or two stitches back out again (luckily immediately)

I know they can give you different sized dilators (not as scary as it sounds, just basically like different sized dildos, ranging from the very very slim up to normal size) which might get you back up to normal so you can have sex without pain etc.

I have no idea about giving birth again, it does sound like you would have some problems, but maybe it's something they can correct. I hope you manage to get some help for it!

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