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Toddler diarrhea

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Spongebob Fri 03-Jun-05 19:34:30

Hi all. I took my 10 m/o DS to the DR.s as for past 2 weeks his bowel movements have been very odd. Frequent pooing and full of mucus - otherwise hes well. The Dr said its "toddler diarrhea" but I read that this is only occasional...also I understood lots of mucus in poo is bad? Does anyone know anything about this as Im still a bit worried despite what the doc said.

LIZS Fri 03-Jun-05 19:40:37

Has he had a cold ? dd is a bit variable but she is much older , almost 4. Definitely worse when she has catarrh or if the weather is warmer.

Spongebob Fri 03-Jun-05 19:57:14

No. no cold...nothing else just really weird and smelly kind of foamy poo.

LIZS Fri 03-Jun-05 19:58:07

Teething ? Is it a really bitter smell ?

Spongebob Fri 03-Jun-05 20:09:02

Yes he's smells fishy - really unpleasant (not that Ive ever smelt pleasant poo!!)

WigWamBam Fri 03-Jun-05 20:16:04

Lots of mucus in the poo suggests teething as well.

Spongebob Fri 03-Jun-05 20:22:05

Does it? Good. Im a first time Mum and panic at the slightest thing

WigWamBam Fri 03-Jun-05 20:24:52

The teething makes them drool, and they swallow as much as they dribble ... so it ends up in their poo.


Spongebob Fri 03-Jun-05 20:29:05


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