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I think I have oral thrush but have not been on antibiotics. Does this mean I am diabetic?

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browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 08:03:06

I will go to the docs about this, but have been worrying all weekend. I have a sore tongue which is kind of yellowy, and think it is perhaps oral thrush. Been using Corsodyl mouthwash and brushing teeth and tongue a lot, but not going away.

Having looked it up on the internet I have seen it can be a symptom of diabetes and now am terrified. I am slightly overweight (BMI 27.7) and really worried about this. Any mnetters have experience of this?

Tambajam Sun 13-Sep-09 08:19:37

If it is thrush, PLENTY of people get oral thrush and have a candida imbalance without having diabetes. Do you have any other diabetes symptoms like excessive thirst or urination or a family history?
Try and get hold of some lacto acidophilus capsules today from your health food shop. Get ones from the fridge - 4 billion cultures at least. Also, if you can afford it, worth getting some grapefruit seed extract.
Can you scrape off the yellowy stuff? If it was oral thrush you'd be able to scrap it off (although it would be quite raw underneath and feel uncomfortable).

browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 08:22:22

No family history, no thirst. have got myself wound up about the urination thing, getting paranoid every time I go to the loo, thinking is this too much?

Rarely go through the night unless I have had a tea/alcoholic drink just before bed. Go more if I drink alcohol, but don't think it is excessive - what is an excessive amount?

Tambajam Sun 13-Sep-09 08:30:53

One pee at night is not excessive. Before my aunt was diagnosed she was so thirsty she actually got up on stage during a concert to drink the performer's water.

browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 08:32:14

Thanks Tambajam, that's reassuring. Really need to get an appt to put my mind at rest.

Tambajam Sun 13-Sep-09 08:32:24

Not everyone gets the same symptoms and you should get tested but it's unlikely if that is your only symptom.

Tambajam Sun 13-Sep-09 08:33:02

I'm not sure you even have thrush if it's not scraping away.

belgo Sun 13-Sep-09 08:40:49

I've had oral thrush, no reason for it, I was probably just run down at the time. It didn't scrape away -it was far too painful to try and scrape.

Nystatin drops got rid of it.

browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 08:44:00

Thanks belgo, I have gone back to work as a teacher this week so have been a little tired and stressed, didn't realise it was linked though.

I have tried scraping and nothing really seems to come off, it looks whiter when I scrape!?

belgo Sun 13-Sep-09 08:48:52

I would stop using the mouthwash, and stop brushing your tongue, I think that may only disturb the natural balance of your mouth even further.

Also think about changing your toothpaste.

browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 09:13:52

ok, will try that, just when I asked the pharmacist at boots yesterday she said to keep on using mouthwash etc.

So Tambajam, if you don't think it is thrush, what could it be? As well as yellowness and soreness, also have v unpleasant taste in mouth.

FluffySaysTheDailyMailsShite Sun 13-Sep-09 09:17:43

I had this aswell, not as a result of antibiotics, it turned out I had a little reflux and the acid from my stomach was killing the good bacteria off.

Sucking a bit of garlic gets rid of it, it makes your breath smell though! grin

FluffySaysTheDailyMailsShite Sun 13-Sep-09 09:18:48

The mouth wash you are using causes brown/dirty yellow staining by the way.

browneyedlou Sun 13-Sep-09 09:20:22

I know it says it stains teeth, but I only started to use it after I got the yellowy tongue IYSWIM

FluffySaysTheDailyMailsShite Sun 13-Sep-09 09:24:44

Being run down can cause a yellow tongue. I'd say you have thrush, IIRC, it makes your tongue tingle which isn't nice. I've had it more then a few times, I had an infection last year and ended up having 8 lots of antibiotics, garlic cleared it up the last time as I tried it before going back to the GP. Just chop a clove up and suck it, rolling it all over your tongue.

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