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what happens when you take the abortion pill

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popsocks Sun 13-Sep-09 07:26:59

we have been trying for a baby for a long time now and a friend has just told me she is pregnant and wants an abortion, she thinks she is 6 weeks. im finding it quite hard but am trying to be supportive. anyway she thinks she would rather the abortion pill rather than surgical,but isnt sure what will happen. she knows i am posting on here for advice as she cannot get an appointment till wednesday. will the gp give her the pill, or will she have to go into hospital, will she be given counselling, will it happen straight away. has anyone taken ot that can advise us please.

EldonAve Sun 13-Sep-09 07:36:20

some info here

purplepeony Sun 13-Sep-09 10:41:41

A close friend of mine had this done.

She went to Marie Stopes London. She had some brief counselling, then was admitted for a morning - possibly same day possibly a day or two later (it's ages ago now, sorry)and given the drugs. She was then sent home.Not sure if the bleeding had started before she went home.

It was like a heavy period. it can be quite scary- she phoned me a lot when it was happening- we live a long way away from each other- as you simply don't know how much bleeding to expect or if it will be painful.

However, it was all over quite quickly.

I think your fiendmay need support for a while afterwards- it is a very easy medical procedure, but my friend still has doubts/guilt years later- she was married at the time but they were going through a bad patch and were also faced with relocating abroad- it was just very bad timing.

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