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PMT is turning me into a miserable, short tempered mummy........please help!

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topsyturveymum Sat 12-Sep-09 15:51:29

I'm sitting here typing this feeling really bad about myself.....I am due on in the next few days and have been really short tempered and shouty to my dd yesterday and today. Dh has just taken her camping with her cousin, on of dh's friends and his dd overnight.....all I want to do is get her back and hug her so much sad

It's a regular pattern - a few days before I'm due and mid cycle I have a few days where I'm miserable, shouty and short tempered. We were up against time today to get her and dh sorted for camping - we even had to go and buy a tent as it was all last minute and she has been whinging and whining as 4yo's do...and I lost it several times sad

Just before dd left for her camping trip I told her how sorry I was for shouting at her and how much I love her. She told me I make her sad as she dosn't like the noise when i shout sad. I was testing her (pathetic and I'm ashamed) and i asked her if I could go camping with her and she said no as there wasn't enough room in the tent. I asked her if I could go instead of her cousin and she said no again as she wanted him to go rather than me sad.....I feel such a cow.

She did tell me how much she loves me before she went but said something odd - that she dosn't love herself - now I'm panicking that I'm somehow undermining her confidence in herself by having these shouty sessions at the time of the month. She also asked me the other day if I liked her blush - I reassured her a million times that she's the most important thing to me but it's made me realise I need to calm down and curb the shouting.

Has anyone tried any effective remedies for PMT? I really need some help, please. I love my dd so much and don't want to keep upsetting her....I'm justified in disciplining her, it just needs to be more measured and calm. Thanks.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 12-Sep-09 15:52:48

Try Agnus Castus.

Has helped me big time.

Ripeberry Sat 12-Sep-09 15:56:35

I found that cutting out chocolate and coffee when i was due on helped a lot and also try to eat fresh vegetables and fruit.
My favourite has been 'sprouting seeds' you can get them from the chilller in some health food shops and there is a big assortment of different seeds and they seem to help me, but everyone is different.

frankie3 Mon 21-Sep-09 17:50:07

FabBaker - how much Agnus Castus do you take? I have just bought some and the capsules are huge and it says to take 4 a day. Do you take 4 a day, and is that every day throughout the month?

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