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SHINEY Happy People, Gettin Skinny as a Beanpole

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HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:25:37

Erm......Hi grin

Welcome to the Shiney weight loss thread. Some of us are trying to lose a little and some of us are trying to lose a lot. Either way, join in the fun! It is a VERY fast moving thread!

Shiney is the boss around here and makes sure everyone is feeling welcome, thread number 18 sure says a lot!

All welcome, its not just diet talk either, mucho chatting and gossip too grin

TrillianAstra Fri 11-Sep-09 23:27:14

It nearly rhymes. Sort of.

daftpunk Fri 11-Sep-09 23:27:44

god bless this thread and all who post on her

DidEinsteinsMum Fri 11-Sep-09 23:30:51

at those who try but fail to keep up. Snooze and you loose.

BitOfFun Fri 11-Sep-09 23:34:01

You on facebook chat Trill?

BitOfFun Fri 11-Sep-09 23:35:20

Can't believe we're on another thread already!

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:35:46

Tell us more, Trill.

Only so I can judge the friend (still on the fence). DP sounds unimpeachable.

HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:35:48


Introductions ladies?

Me: Holy. I want to lose about a stone but also to learn to eat healthier in the long term.

HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:36:26

Trill, what was the bit that you left out?

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:37:34

Hi, I'm DIB.

I haven't weighed for two weeks due to horrendous over-eating, so prob need to lose 1.5 stone, and will see where I am then. Am sticking with calorie counting and Lord Ford.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 11-Sep-09 23:38:18

Message withdrawn

daftpunk Fri 11-Sep-09 23:39:17

hi i'm dp

that's all you need to know.

HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:42:46

Hmmm, yes, was thinking that too. You sound really open, nice and honest Trills. Nothing wrong with mates of the opposite sex at all.....but it shouldn't make you feel funny and it shouldn't exclude you either. Not saying that you should be in the middle of their friendship.....just that she shouldn't be in the middle of your relationship IYSWIM.

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:45:18

"Please come, I'm all alone and scared and you are the only one that can help" is straight from the damsel-in-distress handbook, but she does have to tell someone, I suppose.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 11-Sep-09 23:46:50

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun Fri 11-Sep-09 23:46:55

Mr Trill- wake up and smell the coffee, cos it's wafting in our direction, and it smells OLD!

TrillianAstra Fri 11-Sep-09 23:47:59

Okay guys, thing that may or may not be significant (of course if DP were off with someone else then it could all be an elaborate ruse wink) is that said girl likes girls.

Thanks for the advice Shiney, he's said before that if she were straight it would be different. And he is using your post as a reason why I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the conversation (damn you for making him right!), but I wanted to see how you all saw it first.

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:49:40

Oh no, I don't blame Mr Trill at all. How many of us would refuse a friend in crisis?

I do believe that men and women can be friends, and so am struggling to get off the fence.

Tell the extra bit, Trill. It may make all the difference. <Suspects is paints The Friend in a bad light, so T is being fair. E.g. just broken up with her bf>

HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:50:23

OK, can someone answer me a question please? See when you join Twitter, does it have a function where you put in your email address and it invites people in your address book to join?

daftpunk Fri 11-Sep-09 23:50:36

i've obv missed some juicy chat trill

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:51:29

Bugger. Need to refresh more often.

Does she really like girls? I realise I sound like a suspicious old crone, but that is also straight from the Make Me More Alluring Book.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 11-Sep-09 23:51:40

Message withdrawn

daftpunk Fri 11-Sep-09 23:51:42

bof is on twitter...she'll know

HolyGuacamole Fri 11-Sep-09 23:52:41

Oh I really need to know. I have a Twitter account but am a bit worried about signing in.

DreamsInBinary Fri 11-Sep-09 23:52:51

It gives you the option HolyG. You can put in your email and password and it will cross-ref the adressess. I think it then asks you what you want to do with the results.

Or I may be thinking of FB.

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