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Rectoceles/prolapse etc - Has anyone tried Whole Woman techniques?

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lotsofchocs Wed 09-Sep-09 23:23:13


I've got an appointment with a consultant tomorrow to decide whether to have a rectocele op. It all seems a bit new age and hippy but I was wondering if there is anything in the Whole Woman technique - - anyone tried it and had good results?

(Or has anyone opted for surgery and now think it's a great/terrible idea?)

Many thanks!

jillycoop Sun 11-Oct-09 05:25:19

My rectocele has too many tears in the tissue to use the whole woman techniques. i was also assisting bowel movements, called splinting, when I was in the loo. So I had surgery 9 weeks ago. It fixed the rectocele, but I feel all the surgical areas where the stitches are - what I mean is that my privates feel differnt and it is irritating, sort os like having a tampon stuck in there,
I would have gone to a uro-gynecologist for this surgery. Anyway I had a porcine graft as well. the whole thing has been de-humanizing and hard, but the rectocele go fixed. I would not do it again if i could go back in time.

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