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any doctors or nurses on here??

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pinkroses Thu 02-Jun-05 17:59:08

Would like to pick someones brains about chest pains.

Can anyone help???

WigWamBam Thu 02-Jun-05 18:20:11

If someone with you has got chest pain, don't wait around for someone to answer your post - ring NHS Direct, or your emergency GP, and get advice from them. If you think it's serious, get to A&E.

starlover Thu 02-Jun-05 18:21:03

agree with WWB!

pinkroses Thu 02-Jun-05 18:53:03

Oh no. It is for me. I wanted to know how you can tell the difference between indigestion or actual chest pain.

It happened the other night. I was struck with unbelievable pain in my chest. Had tingling in my left arm and nearly blacked out. Then pain lasted about an hour, which I assumed was too long for it to be anything to do with my heart.

ps...not a fan of the doctors.

starlover Thu 02-Jun-05 18:54:05

oinkroses... that's definitely NOT indigestion...

seriously, you should get checked out, specially as you had tingling in arm as well

pinkroses Thu 02-Jun-05 18:55:56

The thing is, I'm only 27. The doctors will laugh at me.

WigWamBam Thu 02-Jun-05 18:55:58

Please, get to the doctors as soon as you can. It sounds like heart to me, especially with the tingling in the arm and almost blacking out. It sounds as if it might be angina, but you need to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

WigWamBam Thu 02-Jun-05 18:56:58

They won't laugh at you, this needs to be taken seriously. My old boss had a heart attack at the age of 29, my uncle died of heart problems at the age of 32, it doesn't only affect old people. Get it checked out.

ChicPea Thu 02-Jun-05 18:59:53

You need to be seen ASAP as the other MNer's have said. ASAP please. You won't be laughed at.

Puff Thu 02-Jun-05 19:01:35

As others have said, you won't be laughed at - those symptoms are taken seriously.

pinkroses Thu 02-Jun-05 19:02:26

Our doctors surgery is awful. But I will go and get it checked out. just wanted to know if it could actually be a bad case of indigestion.

pinkroses Thu 02-Jun-05 19:04:08

DO you think they will assume I am over-reacting as it happened on Tuesday evening? I know I should have got it checked, but I hate hospitals.

WigWamBam Thu 02-Jun-05 19:04:19

Indigestion doesn't give you tingling in your arm, though. Crappy surgery or not, you need to see a doctor.

WigWamBam Thu 02-Jun-05 19:04:45

Don't wait for it to happen again, please. It could be worse next time.

Puff Thu 02-Jun-05 19:07:50

No, you are not overreacting - you've looked back and realised how bad it was and that you probably needed an ambulance at the time! Go see your doctor - if it happens in the meantime again - do not hesitate to call an ambulance - you will be taken seriously.

starlover Thu 02-Jun-05 19:23:02

they will NOT laugh at you... say you were worried, but scared of going to hospital. But you mentioned it to friends who said that it sounded serious...

please get it checked out!

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