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4 year old ? has thrush

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madame Mon 07-Sep-09 14:59:42

My 4 year old today has said that vagina is itchy and sore. I have looked and it does look a bit red but no evidence of discharge. Is this something I have to take her to the doctor with or is there a cream avaliable ovwer the counter.

Her symtoms sound like thrush, I have some caneston but I'm sure the strength is different for children.

Any advice would be great.

Seona1973 Mon 07-Sep-09 16:37:15

dd had canesten 1% prescribed when she had thrush (she is 5)

Seona1973 Mon 07-Sep-09 16:38:31

p.s. dd had a discharge at that time. When she is a bit sore without discharge I use sudocrem for a couple of days and it clears up.

madame Tue 08-Sep-09 12:48:23

Thank you

meltedmarsbars Tue 08-Sep-09 12:55:49

Sudocrem doesn't always work, my dd has have a prescribed ointment too. Fungal infections can be in the folds of the skin with no discharge.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 08-Sep-09 13:01:03

This is really interesting. My dd (now 6) has had this type of thing for at least 2 years. I was putting my canesten on her (1%) when she would wake in the night screaming and wanting to tear herself apart. I took her to the GP and they said highly unlikely thrush and more likely to be allergies to bubble bath, washing powders etc. I thought it odd as quite frankly, as a bit of thrush expert (!!), it had all the smelliness, redness etc. They wanted me to take swabs from INSIDE of her and send for testing. TBH, I never did, just couldn't face it - my poor little baby. Canesten never really did any good by the way, they ended up prescribing some other type of ointment, which doesn't seem to do much good either! I just get her to sit in cool baths, shower her area down and get her to drink loads and loads of water to flush anything through so to speak. Its awful though, my DD gets it at least once per month, although it now only lasts for a day or so at a time. If others have had GPs that are receptive to the idea of thrush, I may well take her back to doctor again...

MumOfTwoToo Tue 08-Sep-09 14:02:00

My DD had these sort of problems for about 18 months before we discovered it was all being caused by threadworms.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 08-Sep-09 14:22:24

MumofTwoToo - threadworms INSIDE? How was it discovered, if you don't mind my asking?

MumOfTwoToo Wed 09-Sep-09 13:56:52

CantThinkofFunnyName - It started very suddenly and she kept running to the loo, several times an hour. I took her to the doctor and nothing showed in urine samples. She became very red and irritated down below. It would come and go, so eventually we lived with it ...unhappily, as she was having to go out in class to the toilet and started asking her teacher why this was happening to her. Eventually I suspected threadworms as she started complaining about her bottom being sore and itchy. I tried to check her bottom at night (before giving medicine) and saw them!!!! Ahrgggh! And as the distance isn't great, they seem to be able to make their way forwards. After treatment for worms, all the symptoms disappeared!! It was never verified by the doctor, but I'm sure that was the cause. It has been mentioned by others in previous threads as well.

Surfermum Wed 09-Sep-09 14:10:27

DD gets this a lot. I had creams on prescription, but wasn't happy with having to constantly use the steroid cream in particular. It seemed that every time we stopped using the cream it came back, so I decided to try the complementary route.

What I have found works briliantly is Chickweed cream. You can get it from a health food store or you'd probably find it on line.

If she gets too red I also put a few drops of lavender essential oil and a tablespoon of milk in her bath. I don't use bubbles in her bath and don't wash her vagina with any soaps.

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