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Any opticians out there?

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MissM Mon 07-Sep-09 11:46:55

I've never worn glasses, always had very good eyesight. Had an eye test a few weeks ago and they told me that I had an 'intermediate' prescription in each eye and would need glasses for computer-based work. When I asked why this had happened they put it down to age (I'm almost 40).

So I'm wearing my new glasses as I type and to be honest I can't see much difference at all and am wondering if I should bother. Things are slightly magnified but I also feel a bit sick and strange. Should I carry on bothering if having no glasses isn't bothering me? Am I going to 'educate' my eyes to need glasses if I carry on wearing them?

AMumInScotland Mon 07-Sep-09 12:03:21

I'd say if you aren't having any problem with your eyes, or headaches, then you'd be better off not bothering with the glasses.

I didn't wear glasses till this year (I'm 42 now) but found I was getting headaches at the end of the working day, and finding it harder to read roadsigns. Now that I have glasses, my eyes have got used to them and I find that my eyesight without them is nowhere near as good as it had been before I got them - my eyes had been compensating very well, but the effort in the muscles to do that is why I was getting headaches.

So, personally, I'd say do without them as long as you can, if you're not feeling you need them.

MissM Mon 07-Sep-09 12:57:27

Good advice, thanks.

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